Summary: The Bible describes two treasures that may be in the heart of man. What are they?

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Throughout the Bible the heart is referred to as something much more than simply an organ pumping blood. A careful study of the Word reveals that the heart is very important to becoming a Christian. We can believe in our minds and still be lost, but once a man believes in his heart true salvation comes. God saves us and buries a good treasure deep within our hearts. But the Bible also teaches that there are some who have evil treasure in their hearts. My question for you today is this, “What’s in your heart, good treasure or evil?”

I. THE TREASURE – Luke 6:45

A. A good man out of the treasure of his heart brings forth good fruit.

B. An evil man out of the treasure of his heart brings forth evil fruit.

C. How can we tell what lies within someone’s heart?

1. “Of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” No doubt his words will give him away. There are many who claim to know Jesus, but once they open their mouth it is easy to tell they do not.


A. Belief or hardness

1. The good treasure of belief – Romans 10:9,10

a. This verse teaches that two things must happen before salvation can take place.

• Confession with the mouth.

• Belief in the heart (not belief in the mind).

2. The evil treasure of hardness – Mark 16:9-14

a. On two separate occasions eyewitnesses who had seen Jesus told the disciples that he was alive and both times they refused to believe it. Finally, Jesus himself appeared and they had no choice but to believe. But Jesus scolded them for their unbelief and hardness of heart.

b. It is no different today than it was back then. Every day people are told of Jesus Christ and every day they refuse to believe. They have hardened their heart against the truth. That includes many who sit on the church pew every Sunday. They hear the gospel message week after week from eyewitnesses who have experienced the power of Jesus in their lives, but they still refuse to believe in their hearts.

Unfortunately, some will not come to believe until they have passed from this life and met Jesus face to face. But the Bible teaches that will be too late.

3. Application

Where do you stand today? Have you confessed with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believed in your heart? Or do you have a heart filled with hardness toward the truth?

B. Understanding or foolishness

1. The good treasure of understanding – 1 Kings 3:9,10

a. Solomon asked for an understanding heart so that he could discern between good and bad to judge the people fairly. This pleased the Lord and God granted his request.

b. As Christians we have a certain understanding that comes with salvation.

• God reveals our sin to us and we understand that it hurts our relationship with him.

• He gives us the ability to understand his Word so we can make wise choices.

c. Do Christians know all the answers? No, but just like Solomon we have the ability to ask for more wisdom. James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

• God wants to give us wisdom and understanding liberally. We only need to ask.

2. The evil treasure of foolishness – Romans 1:18-21

a. Verse 21 describes the foolish heart that is darkened. What is it that led to this description?

• V. 19,20 - God made himself known to them and they refused to see him.

• V. 20 – He showed them all of creation and they refused to see God in it.

• V.21 – They knew of God but refused to accept him or show thankfulness.

• V.21 – They became vain in their thoughts.

Does this remind you of yourself? If so you are in danger of feeling the wrath of God.

3. Application

How about you? Have you received wisdom and understanding from Almighty God, or do you have a foolish heart that has been darkened?

C. Purity or wickedness

1. The good treasure of purity – Matthew 5:8

a. Those who have a pure heart will see God and live with him eternally. But how does someone receive a pure heart?

• A pure heart is one that isn’t tainted with the stain of sin. A pure heart is one that has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. I listened to a retired pastor from Maine yesterday. He told how he used to sell lighting for new buildings. He was talking to the pastor of a newly built church when he looked out the window and saw a pretty white sports car. He told the pastor to look out his window, but the pastor explained that the car was red. When he walked down to the pastor’s window he saw that the car was in fact red. You see, the pastor’s window was made out of clear glass but his was tinted red. Somehow, by looking through the red glass the car appeared white. That’s what happens when God looks at us through the blood of Jesus Christ. Even though we have been tainted with the stain of sin, God sees us as free from sin. He sees us as pure white.

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