Summary: What’s in your pot?

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What’s in your pot?

By Pastor Fernando Cabrera

II Kings 4

1. Be careful what you go after (4:38-39)

a. One of the prophets went after a wild vine

because he was not satisfied with what he was getting ready to receive from God

i. “wild vine” –

1. crooked thing – anything outside of what God has for you is crooked

a. it may look good

b. it may feel good

c. it may taste good

d. it may sound good

i. but if is crooked it is going to pollute you sooner or later

2. “wild”-doing its own thing

a. independent, separate, uncontrolled, unconstrained, self-rule

i. stop going after the wild thing

b. God had given them something supernatural, but went after something spicy

i. There was a famine in the land, but yet they ALREADY had stew

1. when you live in the supernatural, God becomes your sufficiency

a. there were in Gilgal, it was the place of remembrance where God did something supernatural

i. remember that I was the one who got you through an impossible situation and I am the God who can do it again.

b. church is our Gilgal, it is the place where we remember where God is doing something supernatural and will continue to do something supernatural

i. Elisha had the stew!

1. What you need is in the house!

2. Be watchful what’s in your pot (4:40)

a. Be careful what you allow others to pour into your pot

i. If you are not watchful, others can pour their poison in your pot

1. If you got pain in your pot, you will pour out pain out of your pot

2. If you got hurt in your pot, you will pour out hurt out of your pot

3. If you got bitterness in your pot, you will pour out bitterness out of your pot

4. If you got hidden agenda in your pot, you will pour out a hidden agenda out of your pot

a. Whatever is in you pot, sooner of later it will be pour out unto other

i. It can heal or it can hurt

1. Be watchful as to who is pouring into your life

2. this was a son of the prophet, but was pouring out death into the pot

ii. You can be sincere, but sincerely wrong

3. Look for healing in your pot (4:41)

a. Notice that they did not go after another pot, but asked that their pot be healed of the poison

i. You need the flour from heaven

1. flour makes thing thick

a. wild things water down and dilute the real thing

2. the word translated “meal” (v.41)

means “grind”

a. it means to destroy

i. God wants to destroy the poison in your heart

1. What is your poison?

a. Rejection

b. Sin

c. Sadness

d. Sorrow

e. Hurt

b. May God give us Elisha’s that heal what was hurt, that will purify what was poison

c. What was once poison in your pot, now will be provision for the people (v.41)

i. What was once an addiction in your life, now you will be able to minister to other with that addiction

ii. What was once hurting, now you will be able to heal that hurt

iii. What was once pain in your life, now you will be able to minister to that pain

4. Be hungry for what God has for you

a. God has a meal of satisfaction for you

i. You will be hungry for whatever you are after

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