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Summary: This sermon is a mini childrens address using a box of chocolates as a prop. The people are asked which chocolate would be Jesus’s favourite. After lots of interaction, the sermon concludes that Jesus loves all people the same, we are all His favourite

This is an outline of an interactive childrens address. The message is that Jesus loves us all equally.

-------------- TIPS -------------------

You need to take along a box of chocolates

I take along a box of chocolates and hand them out after the service or give them to the Sunday School leaders to give out as appropriate.

A few jokes with the parents along the way helps too.

"Have you noticed how all the nutty ones are always left over?"

"I bet you adults at the back sneak your favourites from the second row before you have finished the first don’t you?"

"I bet none of the grown-ups at the back like chocolates do you" What’s that? You do?

I put this sermon on a post it note stuck to the box and pretend to be reading the selection card.


Today I have brought a box of chocolates.

(After Easter) I bet you’re all fed up of eating chocolates.

(At Christmas) Did anyone get any chocolates in their stocking?

Who likes Coffee creams ----- Big children too ----- if you be good and join in you might get one.

Who likes hard centres?

Who likes sweet strawberry creams?

Who likes hazelnut brittle?

Who likes soft caramel?

Who likes nutty ones?

Who likes plain chocolates?

Who likes the rich cream ones wrapped in gold?


Oh I am glad to see this because this is just like Jesus when it comes to people. Jesus doesn’t have favourites – He loves us all.

Some people are:-

A bit stern – with a hard centre – Jesus loves them.

Are brittle and get upset easy – Jesus loves them.

Soft and sweet – like the strawberry creams – Jesus loves them.

Just plain and he loves them just as much as the rich ones wrapped in gold.

How do we know?

Well in the book of James (chapter 2) in the bible it tells is all about not showing favouritism to some people instead of others.

When it comes to chocolates some of us have our favourites and we have our favourites in people too. But Jesus tells us we must love all our neighbours (the people around us) the same.

So children. What’s Jesus’s favourite chocolate?

- well we don’t know but I guess he loves them all

What’s his favourite person?

- we certainly DO know - he loves them all.

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Neil Partington

commented on Sep 14, 2006

Nice job being creative with this scripture

Rich Thomas

commented on Mar 11, 2011

Love this...I am going to tuck this little interactive in my message next Sunday on Respect. I have been putting a childrens message within my messages the last few weeks. It has worked very well.

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