Summary: The sermon is designed to prompt believers to begin fully utilizing their minds in a positive way.

What’s On your Mind Part 2 (Isaiah 26:1-12)

The last message in this series dealt with this topic from a universal standpoint. I attempted to get us to look at how the mind can be used in a positive way and also lifted up the benefits that we have privy to if we allow God to aid us in using our minds.

Today’s message is a continuation of the previous message. Here we have a song of praise being lifted up in Isaiah 26. The writer is speaking futuristic and appears to be in dialogue with the God of creation. As the writer paints the picture for readers of this passage, several images immediately catch our attention.

First, he speaks of the people singing a song. Then the writer makes reference to the fact that they live in a strong city where God has given them their comforts. Out of all the verses read, the verses that really caught my attention were verse 3 and 12 of Isaiah 26. The reason these verses were singled out is that they help us to stay focused even in the midst of uncertain times. In verse 3 of Isaiah 26, the writer states, “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”

And, verse 12 extends this confidence of the writer which states, “Lord you establish peace

for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.”

Both of these verses can serve as a confidence booster for any Christian. As I stated earlier while they were other verses read, the ones highlighted stood out for me. That does not mean that the other verses were insignificant. By no means am I implying

that. All that God has inspired for God’s people through the written word is sufficient for

us but there are occasions when a particular theme or topic is needed. And, as we continue our focus on the question of ‘What on your mind?’ I think we can benefit from this passage of scripture in its entirety and in particular the two verses that I highlighted.

One only has to put one’s self in the shoes of the writer. Here is someone clearly encouraged and confident about a relationship with God and God’s relationship with God’s people. From the scripture, one could conclude that the strong city referenced may

not have always been in place. This writer may have encountered some hardships along with the other inhabitants in the area and has first hand experience of what God is capable f doing. This group of persons dwelling in this territory blessed by God had to exhibit faith because it is pointed out in verse 2. That’s why verse 3 is so important.

From the earlier experiences of the people, the writer helps us to see that God is able to keep a

people in perfect peace, when their minds are steadfast and committed to God.

The writer did not say that they had an easy life. It is not implied that the habitants

were never in harms way of danger. But, we do get a picture that they were delivered from whatever circumstance that they encountered because of their faith and trust in God.

How many of us have had to deal with what appeared to be a lost cause and then we took ourselves out of God’s way and God showed us that God is

ultimately in control and has power to do anything for us that we need done?

Throughout this passage, reference is given to God’s ability to respond and act on behalf of humanity as God chooses. The writer does not leave anyone out. No, all are covered in this passage. This includes those who are God fearing as well as those who

choose not to reverence God. No one is excluded!

According to the writer, even if one appears to be on top, God has the ability to bring that individual or nation down to the level where God wants that individual or nation to be at.

If you would notice in this passage, there is a qualifier for God’s provisions in the lives of God’s people. That qualifier is located in verse 8 of Isaiah 26. Isaiah 26:8 states, “Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your law, we wait for you.” That’s a key for all of

God’s children. Do we consistently seek to walk in the way of God’s law? Are we relying on those promises that God has left for each of us through the written word?

If not, that may be some of our problems. We may not in perfect peace because we have not elected to follow God’s word in a disciplined manner. Have we been faithful to God’s word and have tried to do what is being asked of believers? If not, as long as we

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