Summary: The key word in the book of Hebrews is: Better. This message describes how much better our lives are in Christ. Video clip suggestion. ppt friendly outline. Relevant to seekers & believers.

What’s so great about Jesus? By Pastor Bob Hunter

Scripture: Hebrews Chs.1-4

Video Clip suggestion: “That’s My King” available at

Intro: There is one reoccurring word in the book of Hebrews used by the author to describe Jesus. The word is “Better.” The original greek word is: Krietton. The writer of Hebrews loves the idea that Christ is “Better.” He is better than the old & better than the rest. The word better is used 13 times in the book. It seems the author is trying to convey an important message to his readers. Christ represents the “Better” way. Everything is better in Him. When you have Jesus, you upgrade your quality of life.

Illust: Let’s suppose you’re like me, and you drive an older vehicle. I have a 1992 Honda Civic. Imagine going to a car dealership, throwing keys on the counter and saying to the salesman, “I would like to downgrade from my current vehicle to something not as good.” “How about a ‘76 Ford Pinto or a 79 Chevette?” Now let’s face it, no one in their right mind would do this! You would be the laughing stock of the dealership. The more appropriate thing to do in this situation is ask for an upgrade and get something better. “My ‘92 Civic doesn’t have much life left in it, I’d like to look at a what’s new on the showroom floor ” Now that makes sense. Upgrade not downgrade.

The point is this: when you come to Christ you get the upgrade you’re looking for. In Him, there is a better way. This is exactly what the writer of Hebrews is trying to convey to his readers. Christ is better. There is a better way, a better promise, a better provision, a better salvation, a better peace, a better sacrifice, a better priest, a better hope, and a better sabbath. Christ is better than anything you can imagine.

Three “Better” descriptions of what we have in Christ:

1. He is higher than the angels. (Ch. 1:1-5)

A word about Angels. If there was a award given to best supporting role in the story of salvation, it would have to go to the angels. Angels were present at the birth of Christ and the Resurrection. Numerous references in scripture are made to angels.

What are they? Angels are spirit beings, created by God for a purpose. They exist to serve God and serve the heirs of salvation. Namely, us (See Heb. 1:13). They have a role of servanthood in the Kingdom of God. However, the role of angels is very limited. It is quite possible they are permitted on occasion, to intervene in earthly affairs. Although, don’t expect a ‘Touched by an angel’ experience! Remember, angels are not adorned in flesh and blood.

John Ortberg tells a story about a young girl who was climbing a tree in her back yard when unexpectedly she fell. While she appeared to have no injuries, her overly concerned parents took her

the hospital for an exam. X-rays were taken along with a Catscan. Concerning the fall, there were no related injuries. However, the catscan revealed a benign brain tumor that needed to be removed. She was admitted to the hospital and the tumor was successfully removed. Her fall from the tree may well have saved her life from something far worse.

Her parents imagine two angels hovering over the tree arguing over which would push her out! “You push her!” “No, it’s your turn, you do it.” “No you do it.”

Think about it. You can’t prove or disprove the intervention of angels on this situation. It does appear to be more than coincidental that she fell when she did. Based on what we know from scripture, there is no biblical reason to rule it out. Angels are here to serve. They serve God and they minister to us.

The writer of Hebrews devotes nearly an entire chapter to the subject of angels. The chief point is this: Angels are servants while Jesus is a Son. That’s the difference. There are many angels and only one Son. Jesus is higher than the angels. Within the cultural framework of the Hebrews, it was necessary to make this distinction. There were rumors swirling around about Jesus’ identity. According to tradition, some claimed that Jesus was an angel who had the appearance of a man. While there were yet others who claimed that Jesus was a man who had the appearance of an angel. Needless to say, the writer of Hebrews sets the record straight. Jesus is the one and only; laying the foundations of the earth, before creation (Heb. 1:10).

There are legions of angels, but there is only one Jesus. John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world that he sent his only begotton Son...” Notice what it doesn’t say. It doesn’t say that “God so loved the world that he sent an angel, or a prophet, or a moral teacher???” No! He so loved the world that he sent his ONLY SON! The angels are servants, while Jesus is the Son. He has Sonship with the Father. He is higher than the angels. He is better.

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