Summary: I’ts important to see Christ in Scripture, not just the red letters, but in the blueprint of our relationship with God from the beginning to the end of scripture. What started out as a bible study turned into a sermon outline, that I hope is useful to tho

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>Isiah 65: I like to read 64 into 65 because it is a short summary of Man’s history and relationship with God and is very relative to today. Written sometime before Christ’s birth, yet we can still see Christ’s personality in verses 17-20. "I will create a new heaven and a new earth..." (Also check out v. 8-9)

>Revelations 21: In verses 1-6 We recognize this same revelation/message as coming from Christ’s mouth to John in this chapter. We also recongize Christ as God. We see that here as he speaks of himself as Alpha and Omega.

>John 8:55-58: More scriptural evidence points to the divinity of Christ as God and the Alpha and Omega in verse 58. "I AM" is a delcaration of his divinity. As God spoke through Moses via the burning bush. Moses asked, "Who shall I say sent me?", God replies, "I AM". These two words proclaim that God is it, He is all. He is most powerful, all knowing, creator, and judge. If anything is "it" he is "IT". ..."Before Ambraham was born." Can we see Christ before Abraham’s time?

>Genesis 3:15: We see Christ, in the middle (Isaiah), the end (Revelations) and now the begenning! The first prophecy of Christ is the 3rd Chapter. "I will put enmity..." Humans have struggled against the spiritual ever since. Jesus, as humanity’s representative fought with Satan. Eve’s offspring spread to King David (Matthew) and eventually to Jesus. Serpents offspring is Sin and his followers. Jesus crushed the head of the serpent. He defeated Satan, Sin, and Death. But in order to do that he had to be crushed, bleed and die. So the serpent bit her offsprings heel, but he did not win.

>John 1: Christ IS. He is the point! Jesus is the Big picture. God had this going for us from the Start. From the beginning God had it planned for Jesus to know us and for us to get to know Jesus. Without Jesus we wouldn’t have God. He would still be there, but we wouldn’t have him. Jesus is the answer to that. Now in John we see further scriptural evidence as Jesus as God. What is the word? It’s Jesus? Why is Jesus described as the Word? He is the message, God’s message of 1.A relationship possible with God 2. How to live a holy life 3.God’s love for us. The Bible says those same things. Jesus can be Bible-Man, a human form of scripture, the message.

>Hebrews 4:12: Sometimes scripture can get taken out of context to mean something other than what it is. I am confident though that this not the case here as this verse describes Jesus. You can say it both ways and it will still be true! Jesus is living and powerful, seeing all, able to peirce us. He lives and so he works. Jesus is working right now both for us and on our behalf.

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