Summary: The word night has interesting implications in the hebrew, defining the night depper than just a time of the day leads us into a new study of what it means to be the light of the world.

“life is a road where sightseeing is encouraged, where shortcuts aren’t a timesaber but a lesson learned.”

I want to share with you one of the most amazing things I have been able to show people. This is from the chapter entitled “A Simple understanding of your destiny.”

This excerpt is from a subtitled called “night terrors.”

Scripturally we begin to see a trend of hidden meaning dealing with night and evening.

It all starts in Genesis and we hear God echo the phrase over and over, ” and it was evening and morning.”

The night has plagued this world since the start. The night has had many events that have shaped the faith we hold to.

The fall of Adam and Eve most likely happened at night, we are told there is a period after they ate of the fruit that they became ashamed and aware and then we are told that, “in the day” God arrived (Gen-3-8)

We hear the prophetic word given to Moses that the plagues would be realesed on egypt “this night” (Ex-12-12) the Israelites escaped the bondage from egypt and began thier journey to the land promised at night (Ex-12-42) and this goes on thoughout the entire Torah and bible.

As I ponder this my mind wanders back to an episode of spongebob squarepants I’ve see. With my brother and daughter, where spongebob is working his first night shift. As he worked he sensed that something was different while working “aaaaat niiiight” (to accurately quote the great historian spongebob)

Let’s go a little deeper the Hebrew word used for night is “layil” which means adversity. Now using this definition we can see the deeper meaning of many scriptures such as these.

Psalm16-7 “I will bless the Lord who gives me counsel…in my night seasons” or our seasons of adversity.

Let’s look at another psalm in 119-62, david says, “at midnight I will rise and give thanks to thee for your righteous judgements.”

The Hebrew word used there for “mid” is chatsoth and simply means the middle. David is telling us that in the middle of his adversity he still gives thanks to God. What a lesson we are uncovering.

The Sabbath and Jewish day begin at night. The New Testament writer Paul tells us that what is first physical gives birth to a new spiritual meaning.

Our day most certainly will start with some sort of adversity or trials but the day is inevitable, the light will be here soon! It is a pattern that God cannot break. We will always be brought through our adversity.

This brings new insigt into being the light of the world. It's not about shining but about overcoming adversity.

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