Summary: We can overcome depression and glorify God.

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When Depression Looms

January 20, 2008 Morning Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: We can overcome depression and glorify God.

Focus Passage: Psalm 77


I. Send an S.O.S. to God 1-3,7-9

a. Emotions sabotage reason

b. Don’t pretend; be honest with God. Don’t think you will offend God by “opening up”.

II. Choose to redirect your thoughts 4-6, 10-12

a. Asaph deliberately focused his thoughts on those past times when God seemed so near and he could push back the darkness with song.

b. “Napkin Exercise” - list your blessings. This isn’t pointless; it helps you worship.

III. Magnify God to diminish your problems 13-20

a. Worship is not the natural tendency of the depressed person.

b. Worship moved Asaph from a self-absorbed depression to a God-enthralled declaration of faith!

Invitation: Asaph began with a huge problem and a little God; but he kept sending up SOSs to God. He forced himself to rehearse the past blessings of God’s faithfulness, where hope for the future is strengthened. And he worshipped. For Asaph, God is big, and his problems aren’t. Now it’s your turn!

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