Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: When a Sinner will not Know God.

Rom. 1:21-32 When Does God Give-up On Someone

Intro:In the 1st chapter of Romans, we find that there are 7 times when

God gives up on a person. Not only does God list the sin, but also the

punishment. There are those who say God would send no one to hell,

but not only does He send sinners to hell, but He will see to it that

some will suffer here on earth. I know it is not PC to preach on Gods

judgment, but we preachers are called to preach the whole Gospel, not

just what sounds good to the ear. So let’s look here at Rom. 1:21-32...

I. The Group of Sins is Seen in God’s Word.

A. The sin of Refusal to Glorify God. “...although they knew God,

they did not glorify Him as God...” [21]

B. The sin of unthankfulness. “...nor were thankful...” [21]

C. The sin of vain imaginations. “...became futile in their

thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.” [21]

D. The sin of trusting in their own wisdom. “Professing to be

wise, they became fools.” [22]

E. The sin of wrong worship. “...changed the glory of the

incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man-and

birds and four footed animals and creeping things.”[23]

“...who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped

and served the creature rather than the Creator...”[25]

F. The sin of same sex intercourse.[rd-26-27]

G. The sin of Atheism. [...they did not like to retain God in their


1. We are descended from apes.

2. No one in charge of the universe.

II. The Penalties Can Be Seen in Ones Life.

A. Notice v. 24, God gives them up to...

1. Uncleanness.[Gk. decaying matter in a grave]

a. Like the lusts of the heart.

1] Fun at 1st.

2] Death will come.[because they]

b. Disrespect for their bodies.

What kind of disrespect can be seen in v.26-27.

B. Notice God gives them over to vile passions.

1. Women leave the natural use of themselves.

a)Lesbianism b)Bestiality c)Abortion

2. Men leave the natural use of their bodies.

a)Men with men.[homosexuality]

3. God says ‘you want to live like this go ahead. But, there is

a payment for these kind of Sins.’[...receiving in

themselves the penalty of their error which is due.”]

a) The penalty of sowing and reaping.

b) The penalty of diseases.[name them]

c) The penalty of disgrace before the righteous.

C. Notice God gives them over to a debased mind.[28]

[‘gives them over’ in the Gk. means they were tested like metal and

found impure, worthless metal to be discarded]

1. Notice the list of sins.[rd]

2. Christian, do you find a sin you are allowing in your life?

3. The final penalty for the lost is seen in Rev.20:11-15.[rd]

Con:Let the Holy Spirit lead.

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