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A) Sometime when you look at our world and the in-roads satan seems to be

making in it, you may get the idea that in the final say, the devil’s gonna win.

* But I must remind you that things are not always as they may seem.

B) I heard the story about a country boy who was dating this girl one night.

* It was just one of those romantic kind of nights, you know.

* The moon was full, the stars were winking at one another .......

* There was a cool summer breeze blowing across the porch, and they were sitting

in the swing, and the crickets were chirping.

C) Down in the valley, the little country church was having choir practice and the

beautiful voices of the hymns were moving through the valley.

* Of course the girl loved the beautiful choir music and she had an appreciation for music.

* She was just caught up in the wonder of the music ... On the other hand the boy was

interested in nature.

* She was thinking about the beautiful choir music ... He was thinking about the crickets chirping.

D) The girl said, “You know, isn’t that beautiful? ... Isn’t that the most beautiful

thing you have ever heard?”

* The boy said, “Yes, and you know they tell me that they make that sound by rubbing

their hind legs together.”

E) You see, friends, things are not always the way they seem.

* When you look around in this world, sometimes you get the idea that this is the devil’s day.

* The night before Jesus was put upon the cross, He said to those who arrested Him in

Luke 22:53 “This is your hour and the power of darkness.”

* I want to remind you that the Bible teaches one day God is going to have His day.

F) Now, this is man’s day – This is man’s day of opportunity.

* The Bible says, “Now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation.”

* We are living in the days of grace and you have the opportunity to receive the

Lord Jesus as your Savior.


A) Now one of these days, God’s day is going to come and man’s day will be over.

* Man’s day will conclude as v.7 tells us with “the day of judgment against the

perdition of ungodly men.”

* Man’s day will be over and God’s day will begin.

B) When the day of grace ends, the day of God is going to begin.

* That is the theme of the verses we are going to study this morning.

* He says in v.10 “The day of the Lord will come.”

C) He says again in v.12 “Looking for and hasting unto the coming

of the day of God.”

* So I want to talk with you today about some of the features or characteristics

of the day of God when God has His day.

* Now look with me first of all, in the 10th verse at God’s day and .......


A) The Bible tells us that when God’s day comes, some catastrophic things are

going to take place in the creation.

* In fact, in the beginning of v.11, he says that all these things shall be dissolved.

B) The word “dissolved” there is the Greek word “luo” (loo’-o) and it means

“to loosen or untie.” ... It’s a word you would use to untie a shoe string.

* All of these things, he says, are going to come apart.

* All of these things are going to be dissolved.

C) He is talking about God’s day and what’s going to happen to this creation.

* He points out to us that the time when the earth is going to be dissolved will

come suddenly – Look at v.10 again, he says it “will come as a thief in the night.”

D) The apostle Paul used that terminology in 1 Thess. 5:2 – He says that it will

come as a thief in the night.

* In Rev. 16:15, Jesus said, “Behold, I come as a thief .......”

* Of course, we know that the characteristics of a thief is that he comes

unexpectedly and without warning.


A) Several weeks ago I heard a “used-to-be” professional burglar who gave his

heart to Jesus and was living for the Lord now.

* He described how easy it was for him to get into your house.

* He said that in six minutes, he could be in your house, get everything of value

and be out of it, and you would never know what hit you.

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