Summary: Zacharias came to worship God one day hoping that God would "show up". Surprisingly, that is exactly what God did! How should you respond when God shows up and meets your needs?


LUKE 1:15-25; 57-80


There is a wise saying I heard a few years back that speaks great truth.

“Life is not about how many breaths you take, but about the moments that take your breath away.”

Some breathtaking moments for me.....

1. The day I watched my bride walking down the isle to become my wife.

2. The days my son and my daughter were born.

3. Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon mesmerized by God’s work.

4. The first time I shared Christ with someone who prayed to receive Him.

5. The first time I preached a Crusade in Moldova in the soccer stadium and the altar was filled with people ready to receive Christ.

* When amazing things happen it often takes our breath away. Another way we express this same feeling is saying “I was speechless”.

Turn in your Bibles to Luke 1. I want to share with you the experience of a man named Zacharias who was left speechless and I want to share with you what to do when God leaves you speechless.

Read Luke 1:5-7

Zacharias and Elizabeth faced an impossible situation. They desperately wanted a child, but could not have children. Now, they were too old. Unless God intervened, they would never have children.

Have you ever faced a problem or was in a situation that unless God intervened, you would fail?

Read Luke 1:8-12

Zacharias and a whole group of people were gathered to worship, hoping God would “show up”. Surprising to them, He did just that.

Read Luke 1:13-17

all those years they had prayed for a child. They had really given up.

But God had heard every one of those prayers. He could have answered that prayer at any time He desired.

But God was waiting for the proper time. He wanted to bless them with so much more than they were asking for.

** You see, sometimes God does not answer our prayers immediately or quickly at all. At times:

1. We are not yet ready to handle the blessing we ask for.

2. The world is not ready for the blessing we ask for.

3. And, sometimes, God is waiting for the proper time, so that He can give us much, much more than we asked for or could even hope for.

When the awesomeness of God leaves you speechless you should respond by:


Zacharias was a little slow in this area of believing. I’m not sure why he didn’t immediately believe.... with an Angel standing there talking to him. But we, too, often have doubts when God speaks to us. When God is speaking, though, our first duty needs to simply believe what He is saying.

* When Zacharias left the Temple, he was a changed man.

A. He knew in his heart God had spoken to him.

B. It was obvious to others God had spoken to him.

* When God speaks, He usually confirms things in various ways. For me in a couple of big decisions in my life God spoke through visions and through other people and circumstances.

It was not left for me to guess what He was saying.

He spoke to me.

He confirmed His message.

He gave me peace about the message.

* Zacharias was left speechless, literally. God is still in the business of leaving us speechless.

Many times God does amazing/miraculous things in our lives.

Whether it is:

* healing our bodies when the doctors say we will almost surely die.

* saving our marriage when our spouse just wants to give up and quit.

* providing us with a job when the one we’ve had ends.

God is still in the miracle business.

God desires to abundantly bless His children who are faithful to Him.

But, when God provides you with a “just in time miracle.....

When God speaks to you.....

When God reveals His amazing plan to bless you:

Don’t question it.

Don’t try to rationalize it.

And, never ever doubt it.

Just believe His promise and get ready to see God do something amazing!


When the awesomeness of God leaves you speechless you should respond by

2. JOYFULLY RECEIVING THE GIFT- Luke 1:24-25, 57-63

Can you imagine the joy and excitement this couple are facing. Elizabeth had wanted a child for many years. I imagine she had grown discouraged and had given up on it ever happening.

Zacharias, too, likely had felt the same way. They had been praying for a long time, though, and at just the right time God answered their prayers in an amazing way.

* It must have been an awesome time for them. To finally, in their old age, have the son they always longed for... the son that God had planned for them.

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