Summary: It’s frustrating to have family members or friends reject Jesus. Paul identifies with this hurt and (along with other pages of Scripture)helps us to discover God’s solutions, helping to turn our heart from "SOMEHOW" into "SOMEDAY"!

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Title: When God turns SOMEHOW into SOMEDAY

Text: Romans 11:13-15, 28-32

The other day during an evening devotion, our group started talking about what life would be like if we didn’t have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We all had stories to share about how turning to Jesus in prayer during times of crisis was our best course of action. How could we have ever known peace today if not for Jesus? How could we have possibly endured those tremendous pains of life without Him?

As we talked further we wondered how anyone could survive the onslaught of sorrow and suffering without the Son of God connected to their lives and that’s when our thoughts turned to those that have yet to own a relationship with Jesus Christ. My God! Those poor souls! They have isolated themselves from God and have no idea what they are missing. They are trying to manage life on their own. They are trying to make sense of a world that does not make sense. We’ve tried to help them make sense of this world through Jesus often to no avail. Although some have responded many, including loved ones, still remain resistant. And the saddest thing of all is that those friends or family members that still resist the Gospel, often frustrate us to the point that we don’t know what else we can do or say to change their mind.

Paul was reflecting upon this same scenario as he jotted down his concerns. Paul knew that his ministry would be magnified if only, SOMEHOW, he might “move to jealousy (his) fellow countrymen and save some of them.” Did you catch that special word Paul used; “SOMEHOW”? The word “SOMEHOW” does not seem to invoke much certainty does it? Despite everything Paul has already done to clarify the hope he has in Christ, Paul seems to suggest he was owning a “WHAT ELSE CAN I POSSIBLY DO” concern.

Earlier Paul wrote these words, “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” Paul has spoken the Gospel! His fellow Jews have heard it and yet for some reason they still reject the Good News of Jesus. What else could Paul do? They have rejected the very promise that their ancestors had trusted. They no longer believed in the promises of God because they have rejected the ultimate promise that says, ‘Jesus Christ suffered and died for you so that you might receive eternal life.’

SOMEHOW Paul might be able to move them to jealousy. Maybe that means he could get them to see the Joy that he now had, the passion of knowing Jesus; the comfort that is received in being able to turn to Him, cast our sins before Him, and know that forgiveness has already been conveyed. SOMEHOW, maybe his fellow Jews might be stirred up into realizing that every Word of Jesus is Scripture that has been fulfilled. SOMEHOW his people might make that connection as they search the pages of the Old Writings and compare Prophecy of old with the legacy of Jesus.

You are familiar with this particular longing of hope personally aren’t you? You possibly have that person connected to your family that wants nothing to do with listening to your testimony about Jesus. You might have even been given THE RULES surrounding Jesus talk. You know THE RULES don’t you? You can talk about the weather, about family, about the things that make you happy or sad; you might even be allowed to talk about politics but under no circumstances are you invited to share your faith. That is verboten!

It’s frustrating to have this absolute truth which the world claims does not exist, and yet see so many reject it. It’s all the more stifling to hear family reject this gift that demands nothing other than receptivity of Jesus. Yet SOMEHOW we have to do something but what can we do and how we you do it?

If you can relate to this struggle to make a difference in the life of someone you love, than you can certainly understand and empathize with Paul’s desire to save his people. Therefore please listen further to see how he worked out his concerns as He reflected upon the Promises of God.

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