Summary: This sermon tells us how we become real men in Christ Jesus.


When did you become a man? If I were to ask that question to any of the men sitting in here, I am sure that I would get a myriad of answers. Why do you say that preacher? I know my brothers, and I know how they think. They have told me how hard it was back in the day. When they were allowed to go to school, that was on rainy days. They had to walk ten miles and it was uphill both ways. (Am I right about it?) Those old boys will tell you something if you will just listen.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to talk with an old deacon of Antioch, that’s the “OLD FIRST CHURCH.” This is what he said, “Those old deacons would come to the conference with their clasped. They were ready to fight the pastor, and anybody else who stood in their way. When they came to the deacon’s room, their first words were: “Be strong!” And their last words were, “Stand Up And Be A Man!” I thought about Joshua when Moses gave his farewell address in Deuteronomy 31:7. Moses said, “Be strong and of good courage: …” When I turned to the book of Joshua, and I saw the same words: Joshua 1:6 and 7. I asked that old deacon; don’t you think that the deacons before you were trying to leave you a legacy? Throw out fighting the pastor and focus on these words: “Be strong, stand up and be a man! I came to give you hope this morning.

My purpose today is to let you know that when you have been born again in Christ Jesus, you become a man. Therefore you need to walk, talk, and think like Christ. I brought you an Express Mail straight from the hand of God, and it’s found in 1st. Corinthians 13:11b. Men, I want you to hear me and hear me loud and clear. He that has an ear let him hear. Can you hear me now? Put down your bricks! I’m making an observation based strictly on what I have observed. The other preachers, and laity may or may not have a different view.

When I look at our deacons today, I realize that they didn’t catch the legacy that the older deacons were trying to communicate to them. When I look around and see how puny they are, I shudder because they are living beneath their “Spiritual Birthright.” Most are talking upstairs and living in the basement. I wonder if they were like that fellow that was hard of hearing. Somebody told him to go get brains, and he thought they said go catch a train, so he took a trip.

They have not been strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! They have not stood up and showed themselves men! You can see what they do Sunday after Sunday. Check this out: They come to church. They go to the deacon’s room. They come out of the deacon’s room. I thank God that their fists are not bawled up, and they are not fighting the pastor. They take their seat on their posturepedic pew, open their Bibles and go to sleep. Deacons don’t pray like they used too. Mothers don’t challenge the children like they used too. Preachers don’t preach like they used too. What’s wrong with everybody? I can see men that want to be women, and I can see women who want to be men. Short men want to be tall. Tall men want to be short. White men want to be black, and black me want to be white. What’s wrong with everybody? We need to get in the spirit like we used to. Church folk round sitting still, acting like they don’t know what the “HOLY SPIRIT” is. Church, we need to get in the spirit like we used too.

Can I let you know this morning, that when you have been born in Christ Jesus you can stand up and be a man! For that reason, you can walk like a man; you can talk like a man; and you think like a man! On becoming a man, you must put away childish things. You don’t need to play with “Pac Man” now. You don’t need to watch “Scooby Doo” anymore. Now that you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, and put on the new man, those cartoon characters are history. Look to Jesus because He’s the one that can heal your sin sick soul. He’s the one who can save you from sin. He said, “That I am the way.” I’m the “Truth” and I’m “The Light!” Be sure that you have Jesus for your friend. We are men now, and we must put away childish things.

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