Summary: In this sermon, we will learn what happens when Christ lives through us.

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Text: Luke 5:12-16

ETS: Jesus heals a man with Leprosy.

ESS: There are three signs that are exhibited in our lives when our Christianity comes from the “Inside Out.

OSS: These signs will be exhibited in the lives of God’s people.

PQ: What happens when our godliness comes from the inside out?

UW: Results

Title: When It Comes From the Inside Out


I. Read John 14:8-11

II. We live in a world that cries out to see our God

III. Jesus is the perfect example of some one who let’s God shine through them

IV. Let’s look at what happens when Jesus shines in our lives from the “Inside Out”


I. We will be known for who we are (v12 & 15)

A. By a lost society (Acts 4:13)

B. By the demons in hell (Acts 16:16-17 & 19:13-16)

C. By the church (I Thes 1:2-10)

D. By the Heavenly Father (Psalm 91:14-16)

II. We will touch those who are unclean (v13)

A. We will seek them out (John 4:4-19)

1. Because we care about them (vv4-6)

2. Inspite of their nationality or race (vv8-9)

3. Inspite of their past immorality (vv16-18)

4. With the intent of saving their lives (vv10-15)

B. Even though we are criticized (Luke 5:27-32 & Acts 11:1-18)

III. We will not seek the glory for our accomplishments (v14)

A. We will point the way to Christ (Acts 14:8-18)

B. We will know who does the works through us (John 14:10)

C. We will make ourselves of no reputation (Phil 2:5-11)

1. We will be servants (v7)

2. We will be obedient to God’s will (v8)

3. We will let God do the exalting (vv9-11)

IV. We will spend time alone with God (v15)

A. We will want to know Him more intimately (John 10:30)

B. We will want to be empowered to serve Him (John 15:5)

C. We will want to be able to speak on His behalf (I Peter 3:15-16)


I. Are you allowing Jesus to shine in you life?

II. Matthew 27:22 “What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?”

III. Have silent time of prayer and examination

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