Summary: This is a sermon written for teacher appreciation Sunday, but it has a timeless message on the true meaning of love. True and sincere Christ Love, loves not to change someone, but just so the person will feel loved.


(1 Corinthians 13:1-13)



In Fact, God Bless Anyone Who Has The Almost Impossible Task Of Teaching Children

I don’t know that there is another job that has as

many challenges, with as few rewards. Kids are either starved for attention and cling to their teachers, or they hate the whole concept of schooland their teacher is as popular to them as their dentist.

Very few people love their dentist. There was a certain little girl who is playing with her barbies in her room. She’s got one barbie doll standing in front of five barbie dolls who are sitting down. Her Mom walks into the room and asks, "What are you doing?" She says, "I’m playing school! This is the teacher and these are all her Prisoners!"

Yes, Teachers are often greatly under appreciated.

But What’s Got To Be Even More Frustrating Is The

Challenge Of Educating. It’s been said that teaching is like hitting someone in the face with a pie. You keep hitting them in the face with knowledge, hoping that eventually, they will lick some of it off and acquire a taste for it. You hope that some of it will stick! And you wonder, sometimes, how it is possible

for a child to spend an entire year with a teacher, In a classroom, and not learn a single thing, but it happens everyday! Doesn’t it teachers!?

Here’s A List Of Answers Turned In By Students To Their Teachers In A High School History Class

1. The Romans were called Romans because they never stayed in one place very long

2. The Greeks invented the Olympic gameswhere they hurled biscuits and threw the Java.

3. The middle ages was when King Alfred conquered the Dames.

4. The Renaissance was a time when Martin Luther was nailed to the church door. He died a horrible death, being excommunicated by a papal bull

3. Queen Elizabeth was the Virgin Queen. When she exposed herself to the troops, They all shouted, "Hurray!" Then her navy went out and defeated the Spanish Armadillo

6. Christopher Columbus discovered America

while cursing the Atlantic.

Of course children are the same no matter what they are being taught. Sunday School Teachers Often Face The Same problems. Here’s A List of Actual Answers High School Kids Gave To Sunday School Teachers

1. Noah’s wife was called Joan of Ark

2. The fifth commandment is humor thy Mother And father

3. Abraham beget Isaac, Isaac beget Jacob and Jacob beget twelve partridges

4. The first commandment was that Eve told Adam to eat the apple

5. A Republican is a sinner mentioned in the bible

6. Christians can have only one wife, This is called monotony

Yes, sometimes it just doesn’t stick. You try and you try but they just don’t get it.



Society Has Accused The Church, And Sometimes Rightfully So, Of Having Our Heads In The Clouds.

Of not being able to understand what the people

Of this modern age are going through. While this may be true to a degree, The church does understand trying to make It stick. We understand what it’s like trying to share some Of your knowledge with someone

Knowing that you can share with them a way to a better life. Only to watch them ignore your efforts

And fall into ruin. Because the church deals with this every day. And we would love, as well as all teachers, I am certain, To discover some sure fire way to guarantee that your efforts would not be wasted. We would love to have some formula that would

never fail, So we would know that we could make it stick, This faith stuff! This education stuff!

This desire to better the lives of others, Often in spite of themselves.

If You Haven’t Noticed, There Is A Guarantee In The Text That Was Read Today. This text that has been quoted over and over. This text from Corinthians that has probably seen more time on refrigerators than any other text. This text that has been read aloud at countless weddings. This text says, Quite boldly, LOVE NEVER FAILS! I mean did you see that! It’s right here in the 8th verse, Love NEVER fails! Do you buy that? Doesn’t it sound just a little fishy? I mean verses 4 - 7 I can agree with; (Read verses 4-7)

Anyone who truly understands love, Who has experienced loving and being loved, We know all this to be true. But love never failing? How Can That Be When We Have All Experienced Failed Love!? If love never fails why do people divorce? If love never fails why do friendships end? If love never fails, why are there so many Teachers who love their students,Who feel like failures, because the

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