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I am so glad that Jesus took the time and got down on His bended knees and prayed to GOD on our behalf. And it is when we pray for somebody else, we let God know that it¡¦s not all about ourselves, and that what Jesus did, He let us know, it was not just about Himself, but the love that He had for us all. We didn¡¦t deserve it, but Jesus gave His life, so that we may have eternal life.

Luke 22:31-32

Now the Lord knew Peter weakness better than Peter knew himself, He knew that Peter was hot headed and that many times he spoke before he thought, and that he could be easily influenced, and crack under pressure.

But the Lord also knew that Peter was loyal and devoted, he was courageous, and that his heart and intentions were for the best; but he simply just lacked the inner strength that a lot us don¡¦t have to stick to our guns. However, in spite of his faults, he was still a good person, and he had the potential for being a great leader.

And Jesus recognized all of this . . . . But Jesus was not the only one who saw Peter¡¦s potential for leadership and a great leader---Satan recognized it also.

So let us not make the mistake of thinking that the Lord is the only one with an eye on us, because Satan has his eyes on us also. That why during the Last Supper, Jesus turned to Peter and said, ¡§Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you.¡¨ Jesus knew that Satan recognized Peter¡¦s potential. So Jesus told Peter, ¡§I¡¦ve prayed that your faith fail not.¡¨ ¡§I have prayed for you that above and beyond all else your faith may not fail.

However, Peter was not aware that Satan had recognized him and had plans for him. And the same with us, Satan recognizes us and has plans for us that we are not aware of; and Peter did not know that at that time in a few hours the Shepherd would be taken and that the sheep would scatter.

He did not know that he would have to stand by himself and either affirm or deny Christ. He did not know that at that very moment, Satan was closer than ever to tearing apart the disciples¡KHe just didn¡¦t know it¡Kbut Jesus did¡K And Satan today is continuously asking for, or demanding to torment God¡¦s Children.

Notice Satan said ¡§to sift him---and to sift is to rub together, between the hands, and when you rub something between your hands, depending on what it is, it will crumble. Satan wanted to demonstrate that Peter is chaff, something that does not belong. He wanted to prove that Peter was not worthy to be God¡¦s child; he wanted to prove that Peter does not have what it takes to be a leader. He wanted to put Peter through difficult times to see if he would crumble and denied his savior and his faith.

Therefore, Jesus warning to Peter, during that time is the same for us today. Satan is still trying to sift us, to destroy all that we are, to break our spirits, our hearts, our families and our faith in God.

You see the world is a battleground where the forces under Satan¡¦s power and those under God¡¦s authority are at war. Satan and his forces are motivated by bitter hatred for Christ and his forces.

Every time there is a problem with your kids, Satan is sifting. Every time we cannot pay a bill, even though we work hard and are financially responsible and trying to do our best to keep up¡KSatan is sifting¡Kevery time we get angry for any reasons¡KSatan is sifting¡KEvery time we have a temptation to do wrong¡KSatan is sifting¡Kevery time our faith is put to the test Satan is sifting¡Kand He never stops.

When we do good and right pleasing the Lord, this makes Satan angry. Once you start attending church and living a better life, a righteous life, getting closer to the Lord¡Kand their less trouble and problems in our lives¡KSatan will try to ambush us by throwing roadblocks in our path because he is uneasy. Because when we are following the Lord, Satan knows that God¡¦s pray is a threat to unrighteousness and evil, and he falls in that category. When we line up with God against Satan, he will try to discourage us and weaken our faith and turn us around; to try to show us that serving God and trying to do right and live a clean and honest living does not pay. He will try to use anything and anybody because he sees us as a potential threat to his evil world . . . He knows that He has one less mouth for gossip; one less mind to conjure up evil; one less set of hands to do evil bidding, and one less pair of feet to trample on good people; and one less life to use and misuse for his own purposes. Satan is our Opponent, our accuser, and our adversary¡K

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