Summary: When Jesus Says Come: He has just opened a door for you to a greater life than you could imagine, but it will cost you something to get it.

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I prophesy right now that before this message is over, somebody is going to hear Jesus say come.

It’s going to be just as real for you as it was for Peter on that stormy night, Jesus has not changed and he is still calling people to walk on the water and somebody listening to this message is going to hear that unmistakable voice and your life is never going to be the same.

Come: It’s really just another way of saying

You can do it, It’s your turn, Start, Jump, Go, (Quit making excuses) (Break free of your fears) Live your faith.

So many of Gods people live beneath their potential, they live what we’ll call the safe life.

But every once in a while you run into someone who heard Jesus say come and they went over the edge of the comfortable and predictable safe zone and they’re following Jesus in the Faith Zone.

So many times we sit back in our comfortable safe places and talk about everything we would do for God (if) he ever called us


Well my question is: What do you do when Jesus says (Come?)

You and I may never actually physically follow Peter out on the deep blue sea

In other words: You and I may never literally get out of a boat and walk on top of water as Peter did.

We may never during the course of our lifetimes be in the situation or the circumstances that Peter was in when he literally and physically got out of his boat in the middle of a life threatening storm and physically in the presence of eye witnesses walked on top of the water.

Right there I can hear in my spirit a big sigh of relief; because as exciting as it is, and as encouraging as it is to read about Peter walking on top of the water, and Peter putting that which was over his head under his feet.

The truth is: most Christians have no desire to walk on the water when there is a perfectly good boat anywhere nearby.

But while we may never physically leave the safety of a perfectly good boat and leap out onto a raging sea. There will be times in our lives as we follow Christ that we will be challenged to duplicate that same reckless faith and abandon that Peter had when he let go of everything so he could hold onto a word.

There is going to be some point in your faith journey a time when you have to choose the high road or the low road.

If you choose the higher road it means you will have to let go.

The higher road means higher in the realm of faith


It takes a certain measure of faith just to ride out the storm. It takes a certain measure of faith to keep your sanity when all hell is breaking loose against your family, your finances, your health, and your ministry.

Some people are quick to criticize those other disciples as being fearful and faithless:

But I don’t because I know how it feels to be in a storm, and I know how much faith it took just to stay in the boat.

To keep praising, to keep trusting, to keep tithing, and keep sowing and keep confessing when I couldn’t see any relief in sight, and I couldn’t feel any relief and I couldn’t see anything but storm clouds and rough waters


No I’m not condemning them; they made it thru the storm, they made it to the other side (praise God they made it) that’s something to shout about right there.

I made it: I didn’t feel like I was going to make it, it didn’t look like I was going to make it, people said I wouldn’t make it, but here I am.

No I will not criticize them: I only have one thing to say about those other disciples (They missed the opportunity to take the high road) you see they were brought to a place where they could choose a greater glory.

They missed the testimony of a water walker:

Their testimony was: We made it, we survived, we rode out the storm.

But when Peter began to testify, his testimony was different

Yes he was in the boat with all the rest, and yes he feared for his life like all the other disciples, But when Peter saw Jesus walking on the water something on the inside of Peter told him (You can do that) If Jesus can do it, you can too.

Something inside of Peter said: If the teacher can do it, so can the students.

(All I need is a Word from the Master)

All you need is a word from the Master

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