Summary: A message of hope to those who feel that life is unfair.

Title: When Life is unfair

Text: Luke 7:11-17


Life is not all that fair. Sometimes it is cruel. I remember as a youth I used to teach Sunday school in a church. There was a group of children that came from a home beside our church. There was a particular boy that was very naughty and carried a lot of anger within him. He nearly always get on my nerves. One day I heard his story. His father died and his mother lost her mind and he was placed in a home. For this 12-year-old boy life is unfair.

There was another boy; I can still remember his face. He had a head that is bigger than normal children. He had water retention in his head and that is why his head swells. When he was not present in Sunday school, it means that he had gone to the hospital to extract water from his head. For this 8-9 year old boy life is unfair and extremely cruel.

I have many more stories to tell you. These evening the title of my message is “When Life is unfair.”

My Text is taken from Luke 7:11-17.

Centurion who had great faith.

Soon after that incident, I believed that Jesus was led by the Spirit to a town that is call Nain.

When Jesus approached the town gate, there was a funeral the only son of a widow.

Life is unfair for this widow. She had already lost her husband. Memories of how her husband died were still fresh in her mind. And now her only son has also died. Why is life so cruel? Why is life so unfair? “Does God cares for me?” she wondered.

1.The Crowd

That morning the bible says a large crowd of people from the town was with her. There were probably some in the town that looked out of their windows and say to themselves it is just another funeral. Others maybe say that the woman must be cursed by God and that is why her husband died and now her son too.

However the bible says a large majority of the people in the town had compassion towards her and they walked with her during the darkest journey of her life.

There are lots of youths whose life has been unfair to them.

They come from broken family, never knew the warmth of having a loving family. Some have been abused, rejected.

God is bringing many of such youths into our midst, and if the church could not accept and love them who can?

a.Come out of your comfort zone, your cliques and start being a genuine friend to those who are hurt and broken outside and within the church.

b.Be generous with them. Learn not to spend everything on yourself.

That morning the crowd had done well.

2.The Cry

There were many words of console given by the crowd to the widow of Nain. But nothing can comfort her. There was a cry that came from a heart so broken and wounded.

a.She was angry and bitter with life itself.

b.She was hurt and broken.

c.Her only hope which is in her son is now gone.

d.She is now all-alone in this cruel world.

You may be seated here in silent this evening. But deep within many hearts are cries similar to the widow of nain.

I remembered I was teaching a course at another church on “The Father Heart of God.” I asked the participants to chart out their life. There was one particular boy who shared how his father would whack him up. That day when we prayed for him, he cried so badly. Why? Because there was a cry that was so deep down in his heart just like the cries of the widow of Nain.

3.The Christ

It was precisely at the darkest moment Christ appeared.

His heart went out to her

To those of u here who feels that life is unfair to you, I want you to know, God’s heart is going out to you today.

To those of you who don’t experience a complete family God’s heart is goin out to you today.

To those who are broken, hurt and rejected, God’s heart is going out to you today.

Jer 31:3

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;

I have drawn you with loving-kindness.

God has demonstrated his love to us by:

a.Sending Christ to come and die for our sins.

b.Sending the Holy Spirit as our comforter and friend.

4.The Cure

- Jesus touched the coffin and the dead son was brought back to life.

Tears of joy and not sadness streamed down the widow’s face.

You have healed my heart.

There is healing that is available to those who are hurt and broken and it comes through the Love that the Holy Spirit provides.

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