Summary: Therefore, let God teach us that we might know what nature has to say in the wake of the crisis engulfing the world.

A few days ago, I watched a documentary on Discovery/Nature Channel by Sir David Attenborough the great explorer who has been at the forefront of uncovering the hidden treasures of the ocean depths through innovative technology. His programs are widely viewed worldwide by those very eager to learn about the world around us.

I was amazed after watching his daring expeditions, at the resourcefulness and values of his works to humankind. Through his effort and discoveries, we now know so much about what nature holds. In 2015, he used a submersible to film the previously unseen parts of the Great Barrier Reef, off the Australian coast.

Now humankind is without excuse since we know so much about nature than before this time due to the application of science and new technologies. Man can now boast of reaching the depths of the sea and the heights of the atmosphere. But the question still remains have we allowed nature to teach us any useful lesson of life. Alternatively, what has nature taught us?

The Creator in His wisdom has hidden wisdom in many places easy to be found by all who desire to learn the ways of God. God even commanded us to go to the ants to learn the ways of life. Perhaps the tiny ants can teach us better than tens of thousands of teachers. How many would dare study the life pattern of the ants?

In the Bible, God asked some questions about the ways of nature and the paths of wisdom in the highly rated book of Job. But has nature taught us any useful lesson to enlighten our darkness? Therefore, there are two principal avenues to learn about the ways and work of God.  These are:

·         Nature representing the general revelation of God.

·         The Bible called the word of God representing the special revelation of God

For example, in nature, one can find the simplest animal has within her species several of her kinds reflecting diversities. Let say the cats that are multi-colored, with faces and variable body structure. This is expressly true in different parts of the world. The same can be said of the flocks, birds, ants, rodents, fishes, and many other creatures according to their kinds. The same can be observed in the flora world of trees and herbs.

What is nature teaching by this subtle difference observed in the simplest of the plants and animals? She is teaching us to look at ourselves and appreciate our diversities expressed by our races and colors.

If only nature has, a voice to teach man what he is blind to see.  In the Psalms, the Bible says heaven declares the glory of God without voice and languages. Why has God not permitted nature to teach us by speaking in human languages? If only nature can teach us that man is a creature of God with many characteristics that reflects the goodness of God. Then the world would have been a safer and better place to live in.

Apostle Paul speaking to the believers in the city of Corinth castigated them of their ignorance of the lessons of nature. He chided them for not permitting the knowledge of nature to influence their practice of the faith. The same is true of today's practice of faith worldwide. In a situation where racism intolerance and hatred runs riot in many Christian nations. All goes to show that the leaders are still blind to the lessons of nature. They have refused the obvious in place of the great deception.

Without the world and the church accepting and promoting the revelation of nature to believers the issues of race relations and injustice would be a troubling thorn in the flesh of the body. Bible teachers can teach all the doctrines of the bible without making a dent in the conscience of the hardened heart caught in the web race superiority. The only way out is the involvement of the teacher of the New Covenant using both lessons of nature and the word of God to enlighten the heart of man?

It does not make any sense of watching nature without learning the lesson she is teaching. Why spend time watching discovery channel without understanding that man is the primary focus of the entire discovery on show.

Therefore, let God teach us that we might know what nature has to say in the wake of the crisis engulfing the world. So that we can, all look at man created in the theomorphic image of God, celebrate, and appreciate our difference in love. Nature condemns racism. Nature rejects the doctrine of the superiority of one race against other races. Nature is color blind.    

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