Summary: This is the 7th sermon in the series "From The Cradle To The Cross".

Series: ¡§From The Cradle To The Cross¡¨[#7]


Luke 4:1-13


1. Jesus Christ calls us to be fishers of men, but Satan is also a fisher of men. All of us, including Jesus Christ have been tempted.

2. As a fisherman, I have learned several things concerning fishing.

Ĉ Fish where there are fish and know the conditions of the place.

Ĉ Find out what the fish are biting.

Ĉ Be persistent.

3. Satan is a good fisherman and he uses these tactics when he¡¦s out fishing; but Satan is not omnipresent, so he has to decide where and when he is going to go fishing.

Luke 4:1-13


When does Satan tempt us?

1. After a high spiritual experience: Jesus had just been baptized.

2. When we are physically weak: Jesus had not eaten in 40 days.

3. When we are alone: Jesus was alone.


1. To sin against God. Satan wanted to stop Jesus from being ¡§the spotless Lamb that would die for the sins of the world.¡¨

2. To doubt our relationship with God. The devil said, ¡§IF You are the Son of God.¡¨

3. To doubt our need for God. Satan wants us to depend upon our selves and not God.


How did Jesus deal with each temptation?

1. He resisted.

2. He quoted from Scripture.

3. ¡§It is written¡K¡¨


1 Corinthians 10:13

1. Christians, how are you doing with temptation?

2. Have you been hooked?

3. Jesus has given us the blue print to total victory over temptation. Let¡¦s use it!

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