Summary: In this message we will look at the shortfall of many Christians, as we give God a So-so offering.

Sunday Morning “When So-So is a No-No” Genesis 4:1-7

- The offering is one part of the service that gets the least preparation.

- We have two ushers come up to the front, I usually ask one of those to pray.

- They pray, “Lord, please bless the gift and giver.”

- We walk down the isle, and for those who did not give during the Sunday School hour, gives during this time of the service.

- This is our offering as individuals to God and to God’s Church.

- We really do not prepare too much for this part of the service.

- I do not know if anyone here talked about this part of the service yesterday with their spouse.

- I do not know if anyone here talked with their children about the offering.

- What I do know is that I did not talk about it with Nicole.

- I know that I did not focus any of my preparation time yesterday or this morning on this part of the service.

- But I do know that it is an important time to God.

- You see the time of giving our tithe and our offerings to God’s storehouse is truly a time of devotion to God.

- We are called to give from the heart and that is what is expected from God.

- Now, I have no idea what anyone here in the house of God gives to the God through the offering to the church and I do not want to know.

- Friends, what we give is a direct reflections on relationship with God.

- You are already tuning me out, allow me to prove this point to you.

- Let’s say it is your wife’s birthday.

- And husband your wife knows what you make on your paycheck.

- And for her birthday, you get her a pack of Big Red Chewing Gum.

- Now, you wrap it up in a pretty package, and give that to her.

- One of two things will happen.

- One your wife is going to get extremely mad and tell you what you could do with that chewing gum

- Or either she is going to laugh at the gage and ask for her real gift.

- Brethren, God knows everything about us.

- And he knows if we are giving from the heart, if we are giving Him a true offering a true gift or a gage gift.

- Brethren, I am here to tell you, if a dollar is a sacrifice for you to give, then you give that dollar and the Lord is pleased.

- But if you pay more for your cell phone each month, than you give God, then God is not going to be pleased.

- Brethren, please understand what I am trying to say.

- I am saying that what we give God, is going to b a direction reflection of our relationship with Him.

- A mother had a bright idea of correcting her two boys problem of despising each other.

- Both boys were secretly given twenty dollars to spend on the other brother.

- One brother, thought what can I get Him that he will not like. I know.

- I will get Him a bottle of Brut cologne and replace the cologne with fishing stink spray.

- The other brother thought of Brut cologne too, but he was sincere about his gift.

- The mother asked the boys to bring their gifts to her and she would wrap them and present them to the other brother.

- The mother wise idea was to give the boys the gifts that they bought for the other brother to themselves.

- The boys opened up their gifts and saw that they had both bought the other Brut Cologne.

- The wicked thinking brother said, Lets both spray some on at the same time.

- The second that the wicked brother sprayed His cologne, He could smell the stink spray.

- But he was shocked to notice that it was sprayed on him.

- The mother taught a greater lesson that she anticipated.

- The wicked thinking bother learned a great lesson.

- Never give a gift that you would be ashamed to receive.

- We have introduced this message with the offering we make to God and with Gifts.

- So what is the message really about.

- I titled this message, “When So-so is a No-No!”

- Turn with me to Genesis 4:1-7(READ)

- When So-so is a No-no.

- You may be relieved to know this message is not going to be about the money.

- But one application of the message can be about the offering.

- The purpose of this message is about the total offering that we make to God.

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