Summary: For the people in the Church to be on Fire we need: The presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives because He is always described as fire. It is hot! When the people in the Church are on Fire we will be able to reach the world. We need to be consumed

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When the Church is on Fire It Cannot Get Lukewarm

Text: Revelations 3: 15

Focus: “… I would thou wert…hot”

When the Church is on Fire it promotes evangelism, it proclaims Jesus, and it provides a place of Liberty.


Story about Sloppy Joe this morning at 4:15 am it was cold didn't want to put it in the microwave so i warmed it up on the stove (having a flashback of when we were kids before the Microwave Oven) the food stayed hot longer cause it cooked all of the meat not just certain portions/spots.

In our text this morning you will find that the Laodicean Church wasn't working.

In a series of messages to the 7 churches in the Book of Revelation this is the last church addressed by Jesus, and out of all of them it is the worst church. One would think that Jesus would commend them but He does not commend Laodicea at all. This is the one church about which He has nothing good to say. Imagine a church that may as well not exist—a church that has nothing good within its 4 walls whatsoever—a church that does no good at all outside it's 4 walls. What was it that made the church so bad? So useless and worthless? My Brothers and Sisters it was Lukewarmness, which means that the church was indifferent, complacent, lethargic, self-satisfied, half-hearted, and neutral. The church and its believers were only half-way committed to Christ, only half-hearted in their worship and service for Him. The old song of the Church that got people excited because they felt the urgency of a right relationship with Jesus Christ was, "Lord I'm running trying to make a Hundred, 99 in a half won't do, it won't do Lord it won't do Lord 99 in a half won't do." While their are some in the church who are lukewarm and half-committed believers. There are also in the Church some who are really hot and on fire for God that is, they are really committed the Lord.

As Jesus sends out this message to the "Angel of the House" or Pastor , who is the one that is ultimately responsible for the state of this church. One would expect that the minister would be the first to heed the warning from Jesus about being Lukewarm and then articulate that message to the people. One of the reasons why we have so many problems in the Church today is because we have to many leaders in the Pulpit who are not allowing themselves to be accountable to God and not only that but we have too many in the Pulpit who are Un Repentant of the things that they have not done where the Church is concerned and I will explain myself. It is the Leader who is held accountable by God for the indifference and complacency of any believer especially those in whom he/she has spiritual oversight.God expects us as leaders as the set man or set woman of the house to arouse ourselves and repent because in order to bring a spirit of revival or keep your church on fire you have to be on fire yourself.

We cannot arouse our members or other believers and lead them to repentance and whole-hearted commitment if we are not ourselves committed to that which God has placed in our hands.

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