Summary: The day the devil bit the dust

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Genesis 3:14

This is the day the devil bit the dust! -- And he’s been a dirt eating devil ever since! -- All through the Bible we find that the devil has been defeated. – And I’m glad that I can say, That the devil is a defeated foe!

We as God’s children are not fighting for Victory, We are fighting from Victory! -- But you’ll find one thing for sure – The devil is not going down easy! -- He is kicking up dust!


He was charged in the Garden, For disturbing the peace! -- That is his job, and he is good at it.

Anytime your peace is disturbed, it is caused by the devil. -- So how does he disturb the peace?

WITH DOUBT - 3:1 - Yea, hath God said? -- He will get you to doubt the Word of God! -- Anytime the devil gets you to doubt God… He is kicking up dust in your face, and he has disturbed your peace! God will supply - Not allow us to be tempted (Weight Limit) - God will make a way - God will Save…..

Not just God Can, but God Will!

WITH DECEPTION - 3:4 - Ye shall not surely die - The devil is a liar! -- He is deceiving Eve. –

He’ll deceive you.. He’ll tell you.. You don’t have to live a holy, righteous life; You don’t have’t to attend Church Faithfully; It’s ok to rob God; Lie; Steal; Gossip; Murmur…etc… He’s kicking dust in your face!

WITH DISOBEDIENCE - 3: 5,6 - When he gets you to Doubt, and Deceives you… The next step is Disobedience! --- She took of the fruit thereof and did eat.

He will disturb the peace between the Husband and Wife - V.12 - When the husband and wife is fussing The devil is kicking dust in your face!

He disturbed the peace between them and their Heavenly Father

This is the ultimate goal of the devil to get sin between you and your Heavenly Father. Sin separates us from God! --- V.9 - God said Adam, "Where art thou?" And he wasn’t looking for him for God knew where he was at…. He meant Where Art Thou Spiritually With God?

Yes, the devil kicked up dust in the Garden and disturbed the peace.


Note Mt. 27: --- Jesus was stripped of his robe, beaten, mocked, slapped, spit upon, and then crucified on an old rugged cross where he died, He was buried in a borrowed tomb. And a stone was placed at his tomb to seal it by Roman Law! --- The devil was going wild… Kicking up dust.. Shouting he had won!

Note Mt. 28 - The stone was rolled away… Not for Jesus to get out, but for us to see in!

V.6 - The angel said…. He is not here he is risen --- Vs. 8 - Running Saints… They kicked some dust in the devils face! --- I like to shout and kick some dust in the devils face over the fact that Jesus is Alive… let the devil breath a little shouting dust! --- V.9 - They ran into Jesus… You start running for him and you will run into him! Here’s the best part and they came and held him by the feet and worshipped Him! --- Yes, when the dust had settled at Calvary… The tomb was empty, Jesus had risen, and the saints were running and shouting and the devil had been defeated!

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