Summary: when the roll is called up yonder,will i be there? Will you please let me in Lord

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Let me tell you, Our hearts are desperately wicked, who can know it, who can tame it. We seem to chace after every distraction. the lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh and the pride of life drives us. this is what we live for. I want to be good. but I am not, am i fooling myself . I want to compare our salvational experience to a ride in a sailboat. The sailboat has a motor, but the Motor is intended for getting the boat of shore and into the wind. as soon as the sails hit the wind, it just glides over the water. When we give our lives to Christ, we tend to try to make it on our own. we drag ourself through the oceans of life, desperatey trying to get ahead in our own power and we get nowhere. Why don't you steer into the wind for a change. When the Holy Spirit Hit you you will fly like an eagle, from victory to victory. but how could this be possible if you are using your own motor to go to heaven. The motor was never made for sailing. The sailboat is supposed to stay in the wind and the wind will blow it along. Rely on Chirst, Pray for the Holy Spirit and keep on abiding (asking seeking knocking and begging (nagging)!)- Abiding in the Vine is positioning yourself where God can bless you, closing your senses to the lust of the eyes the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. (Pride it the root of all evil) After pride comes rebellion and this is how the cookie crumbles!

Remeber one thing, you cant save yourself! trust in th Lord of your salvation, rely on his strength, stay close to Him, He loves you. I mean, why did He die for you, WHY? is in not so that you can rely on Him to save you through His great power and not yours. "This is not a cop out" he Bible says, kiss the son of man, meaning, He wants for you to come close to Him and He wants for you to build a relationship with Him to become His bride when the end comes, at the marriage supper of the Lamb. You were called to a love relationship. He plants little seeds, (small little messages everywhere). (Teachers) Sometime we are not willing to accept it and we reject him. We reason that we have “good reasons” at the time. God appeals to your heart. Prayer as in any relationship is a form of communication, personal time spent between you and God. The very idea of a relationship with Him is an offence and revolting to some. We purposely withdraw and lose our relationship with Him and we start to drift apart. Now the very thought of God does not appeal to us anymore. God has a vision for you. But we do not want to commit, we are so busy and we find it His nature to be contradictory to our nature. You might have killed your relationship with God but he still has good feelings towards us and he wants to give us an expected end. We still favor him but we purposely do not spend time with Him and we put steps in place to prevent a relationship to from ever forming again. We do not want to commit ourselves to him and we draw back. Then, without realizing it we distance and disassociate ourselves from him refusing that one on one communication. Being personal with Him becomes a threat. And we are afraid of commitment.

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