Summary: What should we do when we doubt God and how does He respond to that doubt when we bring it to His attention?

Text: Luke 7:18-35

ETS: John sends messengers to Christ.

ESS: God does not get angry over honest doubt in the life of a believer.

OSS: God’s children will not be afraid when they doubt him.

PQ: What does God do when we doubt?

UW: Actions


I. Who is likely to doubt God?

A. Those who are least likely to do it

1. Great men of the faith

2. They are under the highest level of attack

3. Examine John:

1. The leader of a revival (John 3:22-36)

2. Forerunner of Christ (John 1:19-23)

3. A man of conviction (Pharisees & Herod)

4. God’s prophet (John 1:23)

II. Why do we doubt God?

A. The factors that lead to doubt

1. A sense of failure

2. Fear

3. Loneliness

4. Lack of understanding (Failure to see the big picture)


I. Confronts John’s doubt (vv18-23)

A. Through other believers (vv18-22)

B. Through signs (vv21-23)

C. Through His spoken word (vv22-23)

II. Commends John’s service (vv24-26)

A. John was willing to forsake comfort to serve God (vv24-25)

B. John was willing to do things God’s way (vv24-26)

C. John was one of the greatest men in scripture (v26 & 28)

III. Confirms John’s position (vv27-28)

A. Christ testified to John’s call (v27)

B. Our salvation is not contingent on our faith (Romans 8:31-39)

C. Our calling is not contingent on our faith (Israel)

IV. Calls all men present to a knowledge of himself (vv29-35)

A. He reveals His Lordship (vv29-32)

B. He reveals His person (vv33-35)

C. He reveals His power (Luke 23-24)


I. Are you dealing with doubt?

II. Do you know Jesus?

III. Invitation

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