Summary: Sarah thought she knew how to do what God has promised. It ended up blowing up in her face. However when she did do God’s will, she had Isaac


When We Try and Play God


A. When your planning something big you think of every possible scenario

B. You think if this happens then we will use plan a

C. If this happens and this happens we will go with plan b

D. But if this happens and this happens plan c

E. Sarah like to come up these type ideas

F. She would think of different plans to achiever her goal

G. However, some of those plans were more that just plans that did not work. They were wrong

H. Today we are going to look at one particular event in Sarah’s life (unfortunately we do not have time to look at her entire life)

I. We are going to look at the different plans Sarah used

J. We have to remember that this all started in 15:4 the Lord told Abram that he would give him a son

K. When God told him that he went to his wife and told her everything that happen

L. His wife probably wanted to laugh at him

M. Think about she is 80 some years old

N. But in the back of her mind I am sure that she wanted that kid

O. She wanted her husband to have a son

P. But she is just too old

Q. So Sarah thinks about it for a while

R. She comes up with Plan A.

I. Plan A – Get husband to sleep with servant (16:1-4a)

A. Explanation

1. (Read 16:1-4)

2. Here is what Sarah Figured

3. She knew that God had told her husband he would have a kid

4. She also thought that there was no way this old lady would be able to have a kid

5. So she came up with Plan “A” Tell my husband to sleep with my servant

6. This way her husband could have a kid

7. Then she also figured since it was her servant she could take the kid

8. That would solve everything

9. Surely that is what God had intended right?

10. Logically think it through if God promised a kid, she could not have a kid, a servant to have the kid would make the most sense

B. Application

1. Ok, let stop and think for a second, how can we apply this bizarre story to our lives?

2. God mad a promise to Abraham and Abraham told Sarah, You Following me?

3. Sarah then figured out a way to be God.

4. That is were we run into problems

5. God promises us or someone else something and we try to do His work

6. We figure that we should just help God out

7. Now the worse part is sometimes we practice sin trying to do work

C. Illustration

1. Imagine with me for a second. Bakerstown Alliance Church, you know with an extra Million Dollars we could do some pretty special things. God tells us not to store riches up here on earth right? God wants us to minister to the community right? However, due to our lack of finical resources we are limited right? (that one might be debatable). Ok lets put these ideas together and see what we come up with. I figured it out. We should rob a bank! They are storing up riches on earth. All Money is God’s money right? Imagine the ministry that we would be able to do with the money we get from robbing the bank!

2. That is a bit humorous I know but that is what we do when we try and play God

3. When rather then practicing prayer, perseverance, and patience.

4. We practice sin

5. Do not try to be God, God is God and you are not!

6. wait on his timing not your timing

7. Plan “A” did not go that well did it, Time for Plan “B”

II. Plan B – Get Rid of servant (16:4b-16:16)

A. Explanation

1. (Read 4b-16)

2. So her plan is not working right

3. She despises her servant and then yells at her husband (I will refrain from any further comments there)

4. Tells Abraham that it is all her fault

5. Abraham then says “hey I just did what I was told, You do whatever you think is best”

6. Sarah filled with rage, jealousy, and bitterness begins to mistreat her servant

7. Begins making her work 24 hours a days, calls her bad names, makes fund of her and so on

8. Hagar then runs ways

9. Fortunately the Lord is there to comfort her

10. And she has Abraham Kid, Abraham was 86 years old at the times

B. Application

1. What does Plan B have to do with our lives?

2. When we walk away from God

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