Summary: Jonah slept through the storm of his life, and so are we.

When Will We Wakeup

Text: Jonah 1:6

Introduction: Everyone knows Jonah ran from God’s call to go to Ninevah and cry against the city; however, not many christians know the rest of the story. When Jonah ran he went on a ship that was heading the opposite way of God’s call. While on board he went below to his cabin and slept. Outside a storm was brewing like never before. so bad was the storm that the crew of the ship thaught they were going to die. Jonah just continued to sleep like any other day he didn’t even know his life was in danger until the shipmaster came and told him to wake up and pray that God would let them live. Jonah almost cost the life of everyone on board that day until he decided to listen to God.

I. Today we have a great storm in our country

morality is a thing of the past. The bible says in the last day they would call good evil and evil good. we surely see that happening today don’t we. Our past president who is only a reflection of the people he leads was guilty of the grossest morality in politics seen in our lifetime. He was guily of fornication, adultry, and most likely murder if we are to believe alot of reports. The storm in our country is killing babies every day. millions have been sent by our hands to meet God. Oh the storm that is killing our people. AND WE AS CHRISTIANS ARE FAST ASLEEP

II. There is a great storm in our families today

Moms and Dads are lovers of self more than lovers of God. Sex Drugs, Rock and Roll baby lets party on. Our poor kids are watching us, reading us like a book a Bible Oh the storm that faces our families today. Kids are free to stay out all hours of the night. We don’t care where they are what they do as long as they don’t get in our way. Dad reads playboy Mom reads her romance novels, the bible is on some shelf, or closet or where did I leave that thing. There is a storm friends in our families. AND WE ARE FAST ASLEEP!

III. There is a storm in our churches today

Hey wait a minute! theres nothing wrong with the church. Sure there is: when we want to fire the pastor for preaching to long there is a storm. when prayer meeting has been thrown out for the cook out there is a storm. when wednesday bible study is canceled due to lack of interest there is a storm. We are not praying, we are not soul winning, Listen people are going to hell while we sit at home and take a nap. There is a storm in our churches. If you could see me as the tears fill my eyes, someone stop the storms of life! AND WE ARE FAST ASLEEP!

Hey! You! Wakeup! there is a storm outside people are going to die. It might be you. It might be your Family, your church, your country. Surely someone cares. Things are not OK! if you believe they are you need salvation.

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