Summary: God is faithful to forgive us and forgive our guilt.

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When You Blow It Big Time

January 27, 2008 Morning Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: God is faithful to forgive us and forgive our guilt.

Focus Passage: Psalm 51

Supplemental Passage: 2 Samuel 12


I. Take responsibility for your sin (vs1-5)

a. Don’t shift the blame: The devil made me do it, it was Bathsheba’s fault, I was just having a bad day.

b. Come Clean (vs1-4) Don’t rationalize; get real.

II. Ask for and receive God’s forgiveness (vs1-4, 6-9)

a. “Be gracious to me…” “Purify me…” “Wash me…”

III. Request a fresh work of God’s grace (vs10-12)

a. “Create in me a clean heart…” “Restore the joy of Your salvation…”

b. When you’re burning up time and energy covering sin, all joy is gone. God seems to be a million miles away. Your prayers don’t work. The Bible seems boring. Church feels dull. But once renewed, David pleads for God to flood him with joy and restore that eager obedience that once marked his motives.

c. Don’t worry about v11. The Holy Spirit didn’t permanently dwell in people before Pentecost. David knew what happened to King Saul; he didn’t want that happening to him, too.

IV. Resolve to use past failure for future ministry (vs13-15)

a. “then I will teach transgressors…” “sinners will be converted…” “My tongue will joyfully sing…”

b. David was saying, “Lord, bring me back in. I miss being a part of your work. I want to be useful again”


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