Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Those words scare any little kid. But what happens when we do something bad and Our Heavenly Father find out

Jude 1-11

When Your Father Gets Home


1. When your father Gets home. Those are five words that scare every little kid when they are growing up. My mom said that a bunch of times (mainly to Phil). You knew that your father would come home and well lets just say discipline you.

2. We are going to look at God’s punishments.

3. This is not a popular subject but it is very important for us today

4. Vs 3 and 4 give us a little introduction.

5. No one know exactly who wrote Jude there has been different speculations about it but no clear concise choice

6. Originally the author of Jude was going to write just a friendly prayer update and tell them how things are going, and to give them hope and encouragement to continue on the course that they started

7. However you notice in vs. 4 things change. Godless men have slipped in among them

8. These are people like, well hate to say it, us, who change grace into a license to sin (read 4b).

9. We are going to look at how these people acted and how we act the same way.

10. We are going to try and understand what happens when “The Father Comes Home”

11. We are going to look at three different examples of the wicked. Wicked nations, wicked cities, and wicked people

I. Wicked Nations

A. Explanation

1. Look at Vs 5

1. WE have to remember the story of the nation of Israel being set free from slavery

2. Moses demand that Pharaoh let his people Go

3. And eventually that is what Pharaoh did

4. The were wondering around in the dessert

5. There then sent out spies to scope out the promise land and they decided not to go for it, despite Caleb and Joshua’s report.

6. Due to this God punished the nation of Israel by making then walk around the desert for forty years

7. God had given them great opportunity.

8. He had given them a way out of slavery and rewarded them for their faithfulness

9. Despite how they started the finished bad

B. Application

1. How does this apply to our lives today?

2. WE as a nation need to understand that God is capable of rewarding us or punishing us

3. I think we have stressed God’s love too much

4. We do not like to mention that God does punish us

5. Notice how Israel was being faithful and God was rewarding them

6. Notice how they stopped and God punished them

7. That is God’s choice.

8. He is allowed to act in anger

9. Anger is not a sin

10. And God is Just

C. Illustration

1. Parent will reward their kids by allowing them to do something special for obeying them before. However often the kid will act up when doing the something special and the parent will have to disciple him or her. That is the same thing that God does to us.

2. We do not want to put God in a place were he has to discipline us

3. Because he will discipline us

II. Wicked Cities

A. Explanation

1. Lets look at Vs 7

2. Ok time to put on our thinking caps, what happen with Soddem and Gomorrah.

3. Abraham received a visit from the Lord.

4. The Lord then told him about his plans to destroy Soddem and Gomorrah

5. Abraham started to plead with him to save the city if there are 50 righteous men, and went down all the way to 10

6. However, there were not that many righteous and the cities were to be destroy

7. Lot welcomed in two visitors into his house and almost instantly you have the town people wanting to defile them

8. Fortunately for lot the angels led him out of the city before they burned it to the ground and then some

9. That example is mentioned throughout the Bible to service as a reminder of what Hell will be like

B. Application

1. So how does this work for us today?

2. You know what really makes me upset

3. We are dealing with the same problems all these years later

4. We are living in a sexually perverse society

5. Just look at all the different media that is out there promoting sexual immorality

6. We need to be above reproach

7. We need to fill our minds with good things rather then all that junk

C. Illustration

1. Jonesy. He is a very dynamic youth speaker. I have always admirer his ability to commutate to young people. It seems like every youth speaker just talks about Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll. I have listen to Jonesy many many times. He does not talk about sex drugs and rock n roll. You know what he talks about? The Holy Spirit. Becoming More Like Christ. The Power that is found is Christ. I asked him about why he does that. He told me it is because constantly talking about sin is like not thinking about a pink elephant wearing a too too.

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