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When your net comes up empty!

Luke 5:1

As Jesus is walking alone the Sea of Galilee he notices two boats along the side of the bank. The fishermen are not there but have left to clean their nets. The bible says that after fishing all day and night their nets came up empty.

Can you imagine being on your job for a full day and accomplishing nothing?

Can you imagine doing your best giving your all and yet noting to show for it?

I suppose it would be like a cook making the perfect meal only to add too much salt

I suppose it would be like a doctor prescribing medicine for the wrong illness.

I suppose it would be like a police officer breaking the law to prevent a crime

I suppose it would be like a teacher trying to educate a student who decides to drop out

Or a preach trying to direct a lost soul that refuses the help

Beloved can’t you see the fishermen talking after a long day and night of fishing and catching nothing. I can hear one of them saying, guys that’s it we’ve gave it our best shot lets just go and try again another day.

Lets give the message a closer view, here we have Jesus needing a better vantage point to minister to the crowd. So he tell Peter I need you and your boat in order to do my work so could you please just pull out a little from the bank. That’s a word for someone here today God needs you in order to allow the message to go forth.

Now when Jesus gives the benediction he tells Peter to move out into the deep. Peter responds Lord we’ve already been out there. In fact we were out there all day and all night and we didn’t catch anything, but at you word Lord I’ll give it another try.

In other words we didn’t catch anything all morning, we didn’t catch anything in the noon, we didn’t catch anything during the evening, and neither did we catch anything all night, what makes you think we’re going to catch something now. Translate pastor

You asked you friend to come to church but because your net came up empty.

You asked your child to clean their room, but because your net came up empty.

You asked you love one to stop that addiction but because your net came up empty.

Church we are so quick to point out the negativity stuff even in our obedience, just like Peter we come up with excuse Lord I tried to stop in the past.

Lord I tried to talk it over with them.

Lord I tried to over look it.

Lord I tried to forgive them. And yet they still want change, beloved I want you to know that sometimes your net will come up empty.

Verse Peter and John go over to the bank and begin washing their nets the reason why they wash their nets is because their net got dirty. I believe they wash them is because they were catching trash. Beloved even you and I will come up with trash in our nets. I believe one of the reasons why we come up with empty nets is because of the trash in our nets. Let me be clear the trash in our lives.

Lets look at what happens when you have trash in you net

1 trash will keep your net from functioning the way its designed to work.

2 trash will destroy your net.

Beloved watch this now trash comes in all shapes.

Trash comes in all sizes.

Trash comes in all colors.

Trash comes in all shapes and when you allow trash in you life things just want flow right. Regardless of how much you labor, how much you toil, regardless of how much you work.

You need to know that trash will stop your faith

You need to know that trash will stop your joy.

You need to know that trash will stop your peace

You need to know that trash will stop your hope

You need to know that trash will stop your strength

You need to know that trash will stop your marriage

You need to know that trash will stop your mind

Not only will trash stop up your net but trash will stink up your net, this means your life (Net) will give off an unpleasant odor, not only will you get an unpleasant odor but you’ll find rats, rodents, and flies this is why some of us find ourselves in the same situation if we keep the same filth in our lives it can only attract the lovers of that filth.

Young lady the reason why you keep meeting the same type of guys is because of the odor you keep producing.

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