Summary: Life’s journey.

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Mark 13:1-8

Where Are We Going?

Where are we going?

When will we get there?

How far do we have yet to go?

Are we almost there?

Do we have far to go yet?

This series of questions might sound all too familiar to you.

It’s what I sounded like when I was a little girl in my parent’s car on the way to the shore.

I was filled with wonder, awe, and excitement.

I couldn’t wait to get there.

It seemed like it took forever.

Then when I became a Youth Director, and took my youth group to the shore, I heard it again!….

A car full of kids in between the laughter and the loud music…

Are we almost there?

How far do we have to go yet?

Will we be there in the next 10 minutes?

What are we going to do when we get there?

Let’s face it…

If we’re honest, most of us want to know where we’re going.

My Grandmother used to go on mystery trips with the Salvation Army in Reading.

She would trustfully get on the bus with her overnight bag, having no idea where she was going.

There’s no way I could do that.

I want to know if I need a bathing suit or a three piece suit.

I want to know if I need to pack flip flops or pumps.

Are we going camping or to a dinner theatre?

I want to know, so I can be properly prepared.

For many of us, the picture is even bigger.

Just recently, the questions being asked were, who is going to run the city of Philadelphia over the next term.

Will it be John Street or Sam Katz?

There are other questions like who will run the country in the years ahead?

Will it be our current President George W. Bush, or another leader?

As we listen to the news, questions are raised in our minds…will we as a country fall prey to more terrorist attacks in the future?

Israel falls prey almost continuously.

Will the fighting ever cease?

It sounds like from our scripture, like this is just the beginning.

It’s a sure way to get depressed if you stay in the gloom and doom long enough.

But the real question is….Where are we going?

Where are we going as a church?

Where are we going as a city?

Where are we going as a nation?

Where are we going as a people?

And when we die, where are we going?

When we’re on the road to glory, we know where we’re headed.

When we’re on the road to victory, we have a blessed assurance of our future.

When we’re on the road to the Heavenly Kingdom of God, we realize that we are experiencing the birth pangs of something big.

I’ve never experienced birthing a baby, so I don’t have first hand experience at the pain involved…

But I have heard my mom tell me over and over and over again.

But in spite of the pain I caused her coming in to this world…her love for me is beyond measure.

All I can do is equate that love to this scripture….

There will be wars and earthquakes and famines.

This is but the beginning of the birth pangs.

God is about to birth something glorious.

We don’t know when.

We don’t know how soon.

We don’t know how far we have to go yet.

But as Christians, we do know where we’re going…

And if you are within the sound of my voice and you don’t know, please let me know….

That is my job, to help you find the road you are supposed to be on as a Christian.

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