Thesis: To reach the promised land we must choose trust over fear.


1. It has gone down as one of the greatest baseball games ever!

a. 6th game of 1986 American League championship series.

1) California Angels ..... Boston Red Sox.

2) California led series 3 games to 2 (best of 7).

b. Top of 9th, Angels (at home) 1-run lead; Boston--2 outs.

1) Donnie Moore had 2 strikes on Dave Henderson.

2) Moore & Angels one pitch away from World Series!

c. Not to be ... Henderson hit homer that tied; Boston went on to win; won 7th game and entered the World Series.

1) It was a lo-o-o-ong way back for California.

2) To reach that point again, California would have to start from scratch (contracts, trng. camp, pre-season, 162 games, etc.)

3) FOOTNOTE: On July 18, 1989 Donnie Moore committed suicide; never able to forget that one pitch.

2. The history of God's people is sometimes like that.

a. We come so far to get so close.

b. That's the situation in Deuteronomy 1--Israel is on the border of the promised land .................. AGAIN!

1) Literally a few steps away from realizing the ancient promise given to Abraham.

2) Gone through 400 yrs. of slavery in Egypt.

3) Witnessed the plagues; drowing of Egyptian army at the Red Sea.

4) Seen fire on the mountain at Sinai.

5) Reached border of promised land ........ BLEW IT!

c. After 40 yrs. of wandering, eating quail & manna, living in tents they're right back to where they started.

1) Series of sermons on Plain of Moab.

2) Our Sunday AM sermons next few weeks from Deuteronomy.

d. Let's listen to the story as Moses tells it beginning in 1:19. He picks up the story when Israel was at the border of the promised land the FIRST time

I. READ THE TEXT (1:19-36).


A. They chose to be cautious rather than bold (22).

B. They chose to grumble in their tents (27a).

C. They chose to think the worst of God ("The Lord hates us!" 27).

D. They chose to think the worst of situation.

1. Moses focused on good report of 2 spies (25).

2. People focused on bad report of 10 spies (28).

E. They chose to think the worst of themselves ("grasshoppers" cf. Num. 13)

F. They chose to blame other people (28).

G. They chose to forget the past (29-32).

1. God as warrior in Egypt (30).

2. God as father in crossing Red Sea (31).

3. God as point man/trail-guide in the desert (32).


A. That's because the future is always wide open!

1. We are faced with the same choice the Children of Israel were faced with-the choice to either Fear or Trust.

a. "We don't know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future!"

b. The issue for us is always--can I put my trust in God?

2. Can I trust God …

a. When I lose my job?

b. When my husband/wife is unfaithful?

c. When I'm in the middle of a divorce?

d. When my daughter gets pregnant out of wedlock.

e. When my son is caught stealing or doing drugs.

B. How to make it into the Promised Land.

1. Be bold rather than cautious (Rev. 21:8.)

2. Do not grumble in your tents (Phil. 2:14.)

3. Always think the best of God (Rom. 8:28.)

4. Always think the best of the situation.

5. Always think the best of yourself.

6. Never blame others for your own mistakes.

7. Always remember God's goodness in the past.


1. What is the alternative to trusting God?

a. For Israel it was 40 years of wandering in wilderness.

b. We may have to wander in the wilderness too--one of our own choosing!

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