Summary: This is a devotional written for a local Senior Citizens Center.

Where are you, God?

Mark 5:21-43

November 1999

Senior Center Devotional

In the pictures of the ancient Roman method of threshing grain, one man is always seen stirring up the sheaves while another rides over them in a crude cart equipped with rollers instead of wheels. Sharp stones and rough bits of iron were attached to these cylinders to help separate the husks from the grain. This simple cart was called a tribulum -- from which we get our word "tribulation." When great affliction comes to us, we often think of ourselves as being torn to pieces under the cruel pressures of adverse circumstances. Yet as no thresher ever yoked up his tribulum for the mere purpose of tearing up his sheaves but to disclose the precious grain, so our loving Savior never puts us under the pressure of sorrow and disappointment needlessly.

II. Days of tribulation

A. We all have tough days

1. Days when you wished you hadn’t gotten out of bed

2. Days that are filled with pain are tough

B. Phrase: “If it doesn’t kill you; it will only make you stronger”

1. This is totally untrue

2. Pain works on us

a.) Pain ebbs away at our lives

b.) Pain steals our quality of life

c.) Pain saps our strength

III. Pain is the only constant reality of life

A. Three types of personal pain

1. Physical Pain – Focus on our personal relationship to ourselves

2. Emotional Pain – Focus on our interpersonal relationships with others

3. Spiritual Pain – Focus on our lack of relationship with God

B. We all live with pain

1. No one can go through pain for us

2. We don’t have to bear it alone

We are often left with one key question: where are you God?

Mark 5:21-43


I. Jesus offers hope in the midst of our pain

A. Jesus is never too busy for you

1. Jesus is always there when you need Him

You have two clear assurances from Christ. Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus wants to help you in times of pain

2. Jesus can help you in your pain

Jesus has the power to help you in your time of need but you have to be willing to accept the help that He offers to you.

B. Jesus is waiting to help you

1. Jesus is always available in times of need

Jesus is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. He is always there for you when you need Him.

2. Jesus is waiting for you to ask

Jesus cannot help you unless you go to Him. The only way that we can really access the strength of Christ is to admit that we are weak and there is our problem we don’t want to admit the simple fact that we cannot make it through life on our own. Jesus cannot heal your hurts until you offer them

II. Jesus offers healing for our pain

A. Jesus wants you to bless you with peace

1. Quote: “Christ did not come to do away with suffering; He did not come to explain it; He came to fill it with His presence” – Paul Claudel

2. The peace Jesus offers allows us to live

a.) Peace gives us power for life

b.) Peace gives us the ability to weather any storm that life may bring

B. Jesus wants to free you from your pain

1. Jesus gives you love

a.) The love of Jesus transforms life

b.) The love of Jesus begins the healing process

2. Jesus gives you healing

a.) Jesus can heal any hurt in your life

1.) Do you believe this?

2.) Do you accept it for your life?

b.) Jesus can heal the pain deep within your heart

 He knows your every weakness

 He knows your every care

 He knows your every difficulty

 He knows your every heartache

 Now is the time to stop hurt in your pain and start handing it over to Christ


One writer of verse put it this way:

Today Lord, I have an unshakable conviction, a positive, resolute assurance that what you have spoken is unalterably true.

But today, Lord, my sick body feels stronger and the stomping pain quietly subsides.

Tomorrow, and then tomorrow, if I must struggle again with aching exhaustion and twisting pain until I am breathing, until I am utterly spent, until fear eclipses the last vestige of hope. Then Lord, then grant me the enabling grace to believe without feeling, to know without seeing, to clasp your invisible hand and wait with invincible trust for the morning.

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