Summary: We all get off track sometimes, and part of getting our focus back is determining where we are spiritually

Where are you?

A: Church, it’s Sunday Morning, remember preacher.

Ok, But Where are you?

Gen. 3:9

God wasn’t asking for directions to Adam’s hiding place he knew where he was. (By the way God is not someone you want to play hide and seek with.)

Propostion: Three places people find themselves spiritually.

1) Stuck in a Rut

Some of you need encouragment. You don’t see God’s design and you’ve settled into a comfortable life.

Routines are OK - But Spiritual ruts are another story.

(personal illustrations are always the best.)

-getting my work truck stuck up to its grill in mud

-College buddy always gettting stuck in the snow.

Some people need a SHOVE, and I mean that in a nice way

See God has a plan, and it has been unfolding since even before we were created and continues to the Christians today.

God wants to use us to impliment His divine plan, but when we get so comfortable with our routine we don’t want to be used.

HERE’S A NEWS FLASH! God doesn’t always use us for what we are "comfortable" with!

Can you imagine a church were everyone just did what they were comfortable with?

- We’d ALL be in the pews becuase I would never

have preached my first sermon, it wasn’t


- We’d probably wouldn’t be in pews but in la-z- boys with pillows and our favorite snack.

Moses had to learn this lesson

Ex. 4:1 suppose they will not beleive me?

Ex 4:10 Lord I am not eloquent...I am slow of speech.


God just wanted him to do a job.

Do you get the idea that Moses was a little uncomfortable with this whole plan?

Did that change God’s plan?

We need to get out of our ruts.

2) All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Some of you need direction.

Many are ambitious.

They want to be the best; on the job, great at

school; excell at sports

But there is no ambition for spiritual things.

Christ deals with this by pointing out the advantges of Christianity.

Luke 9:23-25 What advantage is wordly ambition?

If we can get our perspective and priorities straight we can channel the zeal and ambition we have for wordly things toward godly pursuits.

We need to get on fire for Christ

3) Hill of beans

Some think you have lost your worth or value.

Some of the best stuff I own I got at a garage sale.

Our vacuum cleaner, someone else though that it’s worth was gone so I bought it for a dollar. We are still using that vacuum! No one wants to pass up a good bargain

However there are no second hand stores for used up Christians. There aren’t any seconds or rejects to be sold at outlet stores.

In fact I Cor. 1:26- tells us that God seeks out the weak and rejected to do His will.

So if you think you have no value, watch out you fit God’s criteria perfectly.

In Acts 2:6,7 - are not these Galileans

These fisherman were from the wrong side of the tracks, they were nobodies, and yet Christ sought them out to establish the Church and turn the world upside down!

Who are you? I am nobody.

Does that disqualify you from great accomplishments?

Absolutely not!


This whole concept we’ve been talking about is like when you call up an old friend and decide to get together. They’ve moved to a different town, they give you the address and ask if you need directions. No, you say the great navigator that you are, and you set off to renew your friendship.

You get to the town and realize that you have no idea where their street is so you pull in to the a convienance store and call them up on the pay phone. What is the first question they ask? -Where are you.

See they need to know where you are to help you get from their to where you need to be.

Where are you? -Stuck in a rut?

-All dressed up and nowhere to go?

-Lost in a hill of beans?

If Christ called right now where would you be?

Get someone to pull you out of your rut

Get someone to help you get your priorities straight

Get someone to remind you what you where worth to God

Where are you headed?

Are you wandering around aimlessly?

Let Christ give you the direction you need.

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