Summary: At first glance the book of Numbers reads a bit like an operations manual. It’s got numbers of soldiers, lists of names, and a bit of repetition. Tucked between those lists and numbers are some stories of real people, dealing with real issues of faith!

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Numbers 22

***This message tagteam preached with Doug (layperson in our church)

-In 2006 there were two movies made about the Battle of Iwo Jima. WW2

-Both movies were directed by Clint Eastwood.

-The first movie was called Flags of Our Fathers and was released in Oct 2006.

-The second movie was called Letters from Iwo Jima and was released in Dec 2006.

-So why did one director make two movies about the same historical event and release them two months apart?

-Flags of our Fathers was a movie which portrayed these events from the American perspective.

-Letters from Iwo Jima was a movie which portrayed these events from the Japanese perspective. No director, that I’m aware of, has ever done something like that before or since.

-But as we turn to Numbers chapter 22, we see that our author Moses has switched perspectives in the story of Israel for a couple of chapters.

-Chapters 1-21 tell the story of Israel’s journey from Israel’s perspective.

-We read about things happening in the community of God’s people.

-But in chap 22 - 23 the story of Israel is told from the perspective of the Moabite king Balak.

-The Moabites inhabited some of the land near the land God had promised Israel.

-If you’re a king, and a huge group of people is camped out on your border, you start to worry.

-You don’t wait to see if they are friendly, you assume they are not.

-He was king of his people, and the Moabites had fought to secure their own land just like every nation in that age.

-And now suddenly a massive force of Israelites begins edging into his territory.

-And Israel was huge and camped out on his border.

-If a country invades they usually send over the army and everyone else stays home.

-But Israel doesn’t have a home, so everyone is along for the ride.

-They were seemingly coming through Moab with men, women, children, goats, frying pans and the kitchen estimated 2 million people camped at the border.

-King Balak was thinking: Invasion! He was scared. He was worried for himself and his people.

-He was desperately asking questions and looking for answers to his “Israel problem”.

-In a way we can read this and feel sorry for the Moabites.

-We all know what it feels like when everything is going against us, or when an impossible obstacle comes our way.

-Even those of us who know God have things go against us.

-But Balak was a man who was going against God!

-He opposed God’s plans. He opposed God’s people. He opposed God’s laws. He opposed God.

-So in this two-sided conflict you’ve got the Israelites: the people who were trying, with varying degrees of success, to follow God and establish a nation with God at the center.

-And on the other side you have a godless king who is trying to prevent that from happening.

-And if you’ve been here for this Numbers series you’ll have noticed something about the will of God: He accomplishes what he intends to accomplish.

-Balak was godless man who was in a lot of trouble.

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