Summary: Jesus and peter walking on the water is a reminder to Believers that with Christ Supernatural is natural. Where Jesus is Impossible becomes possible. Rather we can say that with Jesus impossible becomes I M Possible. Hallelujah let’s praise the lord.

Today the topic of my sermon is where do you look at? Where do you look at when troubles come in your life? Where do you look at when the situation seems to be against you? Where do you look at when life seems to be out of your control? Where do you look at when you feel alone?

Let’s open our bible to The Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Matthew Chapter 14 from Verse 22 to 36. This passage discusses Jesus and Peter walking on the water. Three gospel accounts discuss Jesus walking on the water Matthew, Mark and John. But only Matthew elaborates the miracle of Jesus walking on the water, along with one of his disciple called Peter.

They are two main incidents in the chapter fourteen before Jesus walks on the water. In the start of the chapter we read about John the Baptist being killed by King Herod. After listening to the news his cousin being killed Jesus decides to spend some time alone with His father. But people followed him there and Jesus feeling compassion for them healed their sick. Most of the people today miss the church for their children, or their husband or wife or they themselves being sick. But here we come to know that if you are sick it is good to go to a doctor or get some rest. But I challenge you to come to the church and all your sickness and disease will leave you. After healing them he provided them food as well from five loaves of bread and two fishes. This miracle of abundance and prosperity is preached all over the world.

After feeding the five thousand Jesus asks the disciples to leave for the other side of the sea till he spends some time alone. Now the disciples had left for the other side to the sea. It was almost complete night with around 3 am in the morning. In the midst of the sea the storm started to blow in. Although it is not mentioned that the boat was sinking but still in the dark night getting buffeted by the wind and water is quite frightening. Professional fishermen were present in the boat but by the scripture it seems that they were unable to control the situation. All their rowing and efforts were going vague against the contrast winds.

During that time Jesus Christ decided to cross the sea and reach out to his disciples. According to the account of John they were no other boats through which Jesus could have crossed the sea. Jesus deciding to cross the sea put his feet on the water. Now if we study the composition of water. Water is made of loose molecules and for this reason nothing can stand on the water. A student of chemistry can easily understand this. Second thing which stops you for standing or walking on the water is the land under water. According to the Physics law of gravity earth pulls everything towards it. That is the reason that if I jump I do not stay in the space but come down. So when Jesus had put his feet on the water two thing were stopping him to walk on the water (1) Form of water and (2) Gravity. But were Jesus is Impossible becomes possible. Rather we can say that with Jesus impossible becomes I M Possible. Hallelujah let’s praise the lord. This was not the first time supernatural happened beyond human knowledge. If we observe the birth of our Lord we will see that the Mitosis / Meiosis theory according to biology changes. The calculations of Mathematics, Algebra and Statistic change when he feeds multitudes with five loaves of bread and two fishes. Be it laws of Physics, formulas of chemistry, theories of Biology or calculations of Mathematics they all change in front of Jesus Christ.

Today if you feel your situations are out of your control and things seem to be impossible. Today if you have come to the church with a heavy heart and the word impossible is being whispered into your ears. I encourage you to come to our Lord Jesus Christ. With him your problems, sickness, disease and situation will change. In the dictionary of our Lord Jesus Christ the word impossible is not available. Instead the word impossible becomes I M Possible. If you’re financial situation seems to be impossible come to Jesus and it will become I M Possible. If you are not getting healed by the sickness and disease come to the Christ and your healing will become I M Possible.

Now Jesus was walking on the water heading towards the boat. The disciples were struggling with the storm and in the dark they saw someone coming towards them. They must have thought a human cannot walk on the water and they thought that May be it is a spirit coming towards them. They all started to cry out loud. Jesus hearing their cries raised his voice and said Fear not I am.

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