Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Challenge to see if you are really willing to go and do what the Lord asks you do.

Where ever He leads, I’ll go

Acts chapter 8

Introduction- (Some ideas taken from fellow coleagues of Sermoncentral)

Please turn to Acts chapter 8

I want to challenge you this morning, to really see if you are willing to do all that the Lord would have you do.

We have all heard preachers say we are all missionaries in our own particular mission fields. I’m no different.

I believe each one of us are missionaries where we are- to make an impact with the people we come in contact with.

The whole book of Acts is about the early church. The good, the bad, and the ugly things.

It exposes their weakness and it shows us that God had a plan for them and it included the Holy Spirit leading and directing their lives.

Chapter 8 is about the scattered church, about a devout Jew named Saul (later changed to Apostle Paul) who wanted to destroy the church.

(v1) tells us that all were scattered except the apostles.

In that scattered bunch of leaders and lay people was a man named Phillip.

Phillip proclaimed the word of God in Samaria, drew large crowds and miraculous signs followed him.

Evil spirits were cast out.

People were healed.

One in the crowd that witnessed all of God’s workings was a sorcerer named Simon.

Simon also had a following and amazed people and was known as “The great power”

I think that was funny, because I hear often as people refer to God as “The man upstairs, Higher power, the Big guy.”

People have misplaced ideas of who God is and how to respond to Him.

Simon the sorcerer followed Phillip, amazed by what he saw- believed and was baptized.

(13) He watched Phillip and other apostles lay hands on people, watched healings and people receiving the Holy Spirit.

Simon goes to Peter and John (Phillip present) and desires to be able to do the same things.

(18) “When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying of apostles hands, he offered them money and said, give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”

God help us the day we think we can receive the things of God for a price or feel that we can use the power of God for gain or selfish desires.

Here’s the springboard as we look at the text this morning.

Persecution scatters the church, we seen it in the early church and we see it today.

God places key people in key spots to be a vessel and tool to be used right where they are.

We are going to look at Phillip meeting the Ethiopian and how God used him to enhance the kingdom.

Remember Phillip was a witness to all the things I just said about the scattered church.

Acts chapter 8:26-35 read


Wherever God leads you…

He may never lead you across an ocean.

He may never lead you to a pulpit.

But He will lead you, and He does have a plan for your life.

(26) Angel of the Lord spoke to Phillip Go…south to the Road, the desert road (27) so he started out!

Let that sink in a minute. God said go, Phillip started out.


Remember me telling you of my calling. At 14 years old, Billy Graham preaching on TV, the Lord got a hold of my heart.

At first, it was a question- Lord, do you want me to preach?

Awhile later- thought- I think you want me to preach.

Years later- conviction- Lord, if you don’t want me to preach, you need to let me know.

Finally- a decision. I took the necessary steps and schooling and was determined to make it happen.

This is not how God usually works when He calls us to minister to people around us. He doesn’t give us such advanced warning that we can think about it , be convicted of it, ask questions, just like Phillip, God said go. We must put feet to it. He looks for us to respond

Here’s how we can understand what God expects from believers.

I. You must perceive the call of God

The generic phrase “we are all missionaries” don’t set well with most of us, but there is truth there. We are all called to share our faith at opportunities given by God to those we come in contact with.

God has never sent an angel to talk to me that I know of, but He has spoken to me many times, and He desires to speak to you also. Many times God has a plan and you are in it. We pray often- “God use me” and then when he doesn’t, we ask “Why doesn’t God use me.”

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