Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Dr. Wood shows that soemtimes we cannot see the forest for the trees when it come to injustice in tis world.

Verse 16 What Solomon Saw

He saw what he perceived as injustice

The Guilty went free

The innocent suffered unjustly

The rich could buy their freedom (OJ Simpson)

The poor was abused

Solomon makes three comments about the lack of Justice.

1) Judgment is coming Verse 17

a. These inequalities of life led him to believe that there has to be a time when God will judge men, when the wrongs of earth will be made right.

b. Solomon’s conclusion mirrors a common emotion in the hearts of righteous people.

i. Decency and fairness demand a time when accounts are settled and when the right is vindicated.

c. Just because we do not see justice today does not mean that it will not prevail soon.

d. The lack of justice today leads some to believe that they can get away with almost anything

i. God keep note of the rights

ii. God keeps note of the Wrongs

iii. God willnever change His justice is perfect

1. One day we will live in the atmosphere of perfection

2. It is useless looking for it on Earth

a. In the midst of earths beauty it is flawed by sin

b. This is what make The perfect life of Jesus Key

c. This is what will make judgment be on the level.

2) Death is certain

a. Solomon turns to the subject of death, and sees it as the grim spoilsport, ending all man’s best ambitions, endeavors, and pleasures.

b. He views it exactly as we would if we did not have the Bible to enlighten us.

c. Critics of the Bible love these verses

i. They think that Solomon means that death is the last act. Or the closing Scene

1. There is nothing after death

ii. That is not Solomon’s point

1. Solomon is implying that riches and justice and injustice are meaningless on earth.

2. We will all died like an animal

3. The Bible clearly shows us an encore

a. Theif on the cross

b. Paul to die is gain

c. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord

iii. Solomon is not speaking about the spirit of man – He is speaking about the body of man.

d. Death is the great leveler for mankind

i. Every person will experience it

ii. The privileged in this life do not die a more high powered death than the poor

1. Verse 21 clearly shows the spirit of man means something to God

2. take note of Ecclesiastes 12:7

iii. Even in the constancy of death man will return to God Who made him.

3) Life continues

a. We are not to stop living life because of the injustice around us

i. Death and judgment will take care of that .

ii. We are to rejoice and live life to its fullest until that day.

iii. God makes provision for eternal bank accounts

1. Cashing in on eternal blessings

b. Solomon is reminding us that the puzzle in life today are not our to figure our.

i. We are to live life rejoicing and trusting God for all that we do not know or understand.

ii. Jesus Describes it as childlike faith.

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