Summary: This is a sermon about the most basic of scriptural truths: man, the consequeces of sin, Christ, and the church.

TEXT: Luke 10:30-35

TITLE: Where the rubber meets the road!

Theme: The plain truth about sin, man, Christ, and the church.

Proposition: These are four truths that everyone must eventually deal with. What you do with these four truths will either commend you before God or they will condemn you before God.

Interrogative: What are you going to do with the truth?

Transitional Statement

Scripture often times has more than one meaning. Scripture never contradicts itself or has opposite meanings, but there can be more to a particular passage than what meets the eye. Today we will look at some of the types that we see in the parable of the Good Samaritan.


A certain lawyer wanted to know the how to have eternal life.

A. The response.

He wanted to justify himself:

A. Who is my neighbor?

Go and do likewise.


I. The wounded man is a type of a lost person:

A. Going down from Jerusalem: (The O.T. dwelling place of God’s presence)

1. Going away from God with every step.

2. Trodding along life’s way unconcerned with the surroundings.

3. Living in the midst of sin and iniquity.

4. No thought of where the road might lead.

B. Absolutely content in the direction of his life.

II. But the thieves always come:

A. The consequences of sin!

B. They robbed him of his:

1. Health

2. Wealth

3. Peace

4. Joy

C. They left him a broken and dying man.

D. Watch out! Sin lieth at the door!

1. It will sneak up on you when you least expect it!

E. One day what you thought you had under control will get the best of you:

1. All the innocent white lies.

2. All of the vain pride.

3. All of those innocent drams of the devil’s liquor.

4. All of the sexual encounters that are outside of God’s law.

5. All of the bad business deals and the cheating.

F. They will leave you wounded and lying on life’s pathway.

1. Emotional wounds- shattered lives and shattered homes.

2. Spiritual wounds- hard and calloused.

3. Physical wounds- a broken body.

III. Some may even pass you by and give you up for dead:

A. The priest and the Levite:

1. N.T. preachers and deacons.

B. May not have been there when you needed them.

C. They may have been neglectful.

IV. But there passes by a Samaritan:

A. Scorned and hated by the world:

1. This is the type of Jesus!

B. He didn’t pass by! - He had compassion on the wounded man!

C. He didn’t tell him to get up, He picked him up!

D. Bound up his wounds and poured in oil and wine.

1. The Holy Spirit.

2. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back to gether again!

3. But Christ can put broken men back together again!

V. Until He returned He left the man where He could be cared for:

A. That is the church!

B. He does not just fix you up and leave you!

1. He puts you where you can be cared for!

C. You need Christ and you need His Church!


Christ will return! And He will return to get all of those healed up sinners that He has placed in the Church and take them home with Him. Are you headed toward the thieves? Have you already been wounded? Jesus is passing by! Let Him heal your wounds today!

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