Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: When you come in contact with the Lord, there’s a choice that has to be made: Will you follow Him and go forward? Or will you turn and go back to where you came from?

Ex 14:13-15

Where to from here?

I) Background of Text

A) Israel slaves in Egypt

B) Moses returns to deliver them

C) Movie - Prince of Egypt (depicts it well)

II) When Israel got to Jordan there was a decision to make

A) Go forward or backward - no other choice

1) No standing still in this

B) When they came to the water they either had to go through it - or go back to slavery in Egypt

C) 1 Cor 10:1-2 – The message hasn’t changed – even Israel was saved by:

1) The BLOOD (applied to the door post)

2) The WATER (Red Sea)

3) The SPIRIT (cloud)

4) The blood saved them from the death angel, but when they got to the Red Sea – if they didn’t go through, they would have been captured & taken back to Egypt (bondage)

D) NOTE: Israel was saved up to the Red Sea, but they had to go through – Same today

1) Noah – 1 Pet 3:20-21

a) Had Noah not went into the ark he would have drowned like the others

b) He was saved to that point, but would have been lost had he not went in

E) Mat 7:13-14 (Strait = water way / baptism)

III) Many have come out from Egypt, but you’re up against something bigger then you now

A) Are you going to go forward?

1) Are you going to live for Jesus?

2) Are you going to hear His voice?

B) Noah’s day – the ark wasn’t for God, or on behalf of God

1) Noah needed that ark – God didn’t say “Go”

a) Gen 7:1 – “Come” – God was in the ark

2) Those who say we are narrow minded

a) Noah’s day – 8 Souls were saved

b) Lot’s day – 3

c) Abraham – out of all the families

IV) The Lord told Israel in Ex 14:13-15 – Go Forward

A) I think the Lord’s telling some people here to go forward – NOT “Go away”

1) When blind Bartemaeus was healed he followed Jesus in the way – he didn’t:

a) get in the way

b) go another way (expound)

B) Listen to His words (Ex 14:13-15)

1) Fear Not – don’t be afraid of what lays ahead if you’re doing right

2) Fear paralyzes you

3) Book - “Who Moved My Cheese” – Sniff, Scurry, Hem & Haw

C) Stand Still = listen

1) Got to be listening to hear Him say go forward (or stop)

2) Elijah – wind, earth quake, fire, still small voice (What are you doing here? i.e. Go Forward)

D) See the salvation of the Lord

1) Man’s order = seeing is believing

2) God’s order is believing is seeing

E) Closing: Read verses 13-15

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