Summary: This sermon attempts to help individuals find themselves at the cross of Jesus by considering several people who were there.



Where were you when….

The Space Shuttle exploded in the 1980’s?

Kennedy was assassinated?

You heard about the 911attacks?

It is amazing how we remember where we were, what we were doing, even what we were wearing during major cultural or national events. We were greatly affected and changed and so the details of our surroundings are burned into our minds forever.

I would like to ask you about another event. It is the biggest, most important event in all of history. It is the greatest and yet most tragic event ever known to mankind. Where were you when Jesus was betrayed, beaten, and crucified?


As I examine the events surrounding the crucifixion I find myself there. I was there in the crowd. I can see myself in the many people who were gathered there that day.

MATTHEW 27:29-44

Let’s take a look at a few of the people who were there.


A. Rebelled against God’s Word

B. Rebelled against God’s Son

C. Mocked the Son of God by saying “do this” and “do that” “prove who you are”

I identify with those hateful leaders. My doubt – My pride – My self-centeredness My religion. I had no place for Christ. I wanted to be in charge. I certainly did not want Jesus tearing down My Kingdom. In these attitudes I mocked him and I wagged my head at him in disbelief. I crucified Jesus.



A. Condemned to die

B. Guilty and Deserving of death

C. Resisted Grace and Truth even and especially when he needed it most.

I identify with the thief who continued to rail on Jesus. I have found myself at my lowest points and in my darkest hours denying Christ the right to be Lord of my life. Even with death lingering over me I have cursed God and cursed myself. It is amazing that when we have no hope but Jesus, we often decide to continue in our wickedness. I was there condemned to die but unwilling to repent.


3. THE MOURNING MOTHER (John 19:25-27)

A. Grieving and Hurting

B. In need of Comfort and Consolation

C. Overwhelmed by Loss and Pain

Picture Mary, the mother of Jesus. She is watching her first born son, the gift and miracle from God, bleed and suffocate right before her very eyes. She tries to look away. She can hear the agony and the pain in his breathing. She cannot look away. This is her son. She knows that soon he will be gone, so she must look at him. Oh, the terrible sight. She sees him there beaten, unrecognizable, naked, staked to cross. I cannot imagine the pain she felt as she watched him die. But I can identify with her. I have felt pain and I have suffered loss. I have found myself hurting and in those times I could hardly bear to lift my head and look to the Savior. I found however, the same thing Mary found. I found love and understanding in the eyes of Jesus. Jesus in his suffering is a great comfort to those in need.


4. THE DISTANT DISCIPLES (Luke 23:48-49)

A. Claimed to follow Jesus whole-heartedly

B. Abandoned their Savior and Friend

C. Watched God’s plan from a distance

D. Confused, angry and faithless

The disciples had made claim to be loyal to Christ. Peter argued that no matter what, he would stay with Christ. James and John wanted to be at each side of Christ in the new Kingdom. Yet, when Christ was taken and tried the disciples were hiding and running and even denying they new Jesus. Once Christ was taken to Calvary, the disciples stayed afar off. There they were, hiding in the shadows, afraid, confused, and unwilling to speak out in support of their master. From a distance they watched as Jesus struggled to breath. From a distance they heard the words of Christ. I too, have followed him from a distance, more concerned with my affairs than with being true to Christ. I too have hidden in the shadows, more concerned with my reputation, my own welfare than that of my Lord.


5. THE REPENTING THIEF (Luke 23:39-43)

A. Railed on him at first

B. Saw the Glory of God

C. Had faith spring up in his heart

D. Saw Jesus and realized his own guilt

E. Asked to be remembered

This man had been mocking Christ but now he had come to see his Glory. When he saw the glory of Christ he realized his own fate and future, he saw just how unholy and ungodly he really was. His prayer to Jesus is quite simple, yet it is most magnificent, “Lord, when you come into your kingdom, remember me.” Remember me Lord.

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