Summary: Committment


Text: Psalm 1

As Christians, we sit in one of three chairs: 1. Commitment; 2 . Compromise 3. Conflict! When we look at Our Country, Our Church, or Individual Christians… we see them sliding backwards. What began with Godliness is sliding to Godlessness! --- The Church began in Chair #1 - Acts 2

…….On fire for God, Had Vision, Goals and Purpose. --- But has slowly drifted into Chair 2 & 3.

The Church of Ephesus - The book of Ephesians tells us 14 times that it was a Church of Love! They were rooted and grounded in Love -- Walked in Love -- They Started in Chair #1 --- But in Rev. 2:4 - They had left their first love!

The Church of Laodicea - Rev. 3:15,16 - Lukewarm… Sitting in Chair #2! Not hot, Not cold… but Lukewarm! --- I’m OK… Want admit they are not as close to God as they should be.

Which Chair do you sit in? --- Do you Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength? Is Jesus first in your life? Do you love Him, Your Family and His Church more than anything?

Chair #1 - Commitment - Love God first, On Fire, Faithful, Fruitful….Chair #2 - Compromise - Lukewarm, Unfaithful, Unfruitful…. Chair #3 - Conflict - A Lostness…. Lost Purpose, Lost Priorities, Lost Fire, Lost Zeal, Lost Vision, No Goals.

Which chair does your Church sit in? Chair #1 - Visitation, Soul Winning, Evangelism ---

Chair #2 - Complacent --- Chair #1 - The Power of God --- Chair #2 - A form of godliness but denying the power thereof. --- Chair #3 - Can’t find God… Lost the blessings of God…. Cold, Dead and Formal!

Family Life - David, Solomon, Rehoboam….. David in Chair #1 - A man after God’s own heart --- He wanted to hear the heartbeat of God! --- Reminds you of a New Christian… They sit in Chair #1 - They get saved and they don’t know their Theology or Doctrine. --- They don’t know if they are A-Millienal, Post Millienal or Pre Millienal. --- They don’t know Soteriology (Salvation through Christ) Pneumatology (Doctrine of the Holy Spirit) --- Eshatology (Study of the Last Things) --- Ecclesiology (Study of the Church) --- It doesn’t matter to the New Christian. --- They know one thing and that is they have been washed in the Blood of Jesus… Their sins are forgiven and they are Saved, Born-again, Children of God , whose name is written in the Lambs Book of Life! --- They are in Chair #1 - They are happy, their attitude is right, they haven’t got involved and got their feelings hurt and sitting in Chair #2…. Pouting. --- They come to Church Happy, Hungry to hear God’s Word…. You tell them to turn to the book of Isaiah, they have to look in the index to find it, but they Love Jesus and are on fire for God.

David Sinned - He left the battle.. and went on the Housetop of Self Ease.. Took a day off from God!

Committed Adultery…. Murder… He went from Godliness to Godlessness! --- Now his son Solomon would sit in Chair #2 - Solomon loved many strange women (I Ki. 11:1) - He had 700 wives and 300 concubines! -- In Eccl. 2: 1-11 - We find 46 pronouns were Solomon said, I will have this, or I will take that, or this will be mine, this is for me… He would want to go to Toys R Mine!

Solomons Son…. Rehoboam lived a life of Conflict --- He was all mixed up! --- He had heard about His Grandfather David… but watched his father talk about God but live for self! --- He heard one thing but saw

another --- This caused a life of Conflict… A life of doubt and defeat!

We as Parents say that God is #1 - But we don’t Attend Church Faithful, Study Bible, Pray, Brag on Jesus,

Have Family Devotions, Tithe… What we say and what we are is totally diferent. --- Parents if we sat in Chair #1, my child may sit in Chair #2… But if I sit in Chair #2, my Child will probably sit in Chair #3 (God help us) --- Chair #1 - Winners Chair --- Chair #3 - Losers Chair --- Then Chair #2 is the Gambler’s Chair – Throwing dice on an eternal board, saying I bet I can sit in chair #2, Try to hold on to both worlds,

I can straddle the fence… gambling that as I sit in this chair, somehow my children will somehow land in chair #1. --- Outside the sovernity and grace of God your odds are like winning the lottery, not very good.

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