I. Introduction

A. In the life of Peter, let us examine 3 Fires in which we see Peter.

B. Everyone is sitting at one of these Fires of life; Which one are you sitting at today?

C. There is the Sinner’s Fire (Lk. 22:54-62)

D. There is the Savior’s Fire (John 21:7)

E. There is the Pentecostal Fire (Acts 2:3)

II. Peter At the Fire (Lk. 22:54-62)

A. At the enemies’ fire, Peter found himself focused upon the wrong things of life.

B. He was concerned about Self; Society; Satan.

C. When we focus on the wrong things, our Looks are distorted; They will make us deny Christ!

D. But the Savior gave Peter a Look of His Own - It was a Look of Correction - Direction - & Reflection.

E. It was Penetrating Look (Peter Remembered) and it was a Powerful Look (Peter Wept).

III. Peter Under Fire (John 21:7)

A. God never asks questions for information; He always asks questions to Provoke a Response!

B. Explain the difference between Agape & Phileo Love

C. Agape means "Devotion"; Phileo means "emotion"

D. God wants us to more than have emotional love for Him; He wants us to be Devoted to Him!

E. Has God challenged you to love Him as He did Peter?

F. God deserves so much more than we give Him.

G. What more could YOU do in response to Loving Christ???

IV. Peter ON Fire (Acts 2)

A. When we obey the Lord and are in the Right Place; When we are infused with His Power; When we are Devoted & Bold - We will find that God will use us.

B. When is the last time that YOU were on Fire for the Lord?

C. Why Not move away from the Sinners’ Fire to the Savior’s Fire and Catch ON Fire for Jesus!!!

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