Summary: For many people they see the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as a Triumphal Entry and it was for us but it was not so for Jesus. For it was one of sorrow and death.

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Palm Sunday 2003

John 12:12-26

Introduction: In John chapter 11 we see the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, and how the chief priest and Pharisees began to plot to put Jesus to death. And then in the beginning of chapter 12:1 we see the story of how Jesus came to Bethany and stayed with Lazarus and once again Martha served but Mary worshiped Jesus, by anointing his feet with oil. And then look at verse 9,

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead to bring people to Him. Jesus’ desire is that all should come to him.

Was it in Lazarus’ best interest to be raised from the dead? No it was in Jesus’ best interest.

Now our main text verse 12 this is the day after Mary anointed Jesus’ feet

1. A Road of Triumphal Entry.

A. Hosanna means “Save us” or “Save now”

B. Palm branches were keeping with “the feast of Tabernacles” found in Lev.23

C. Donkey untamed was a symbol of peace. A trained animal such as a horse was a symbol of War.

C. Everyone welcomed Him. The King of Israel! Verse 13

D. Just 4 days from his death on the cross everyone welcome him but where were all these people during his crucifixion? Most Christians are convenient Christians they want to serve God out of convenience.

While most saw a road of triumph. Christ saw a road to death.

2. The Road to Death.

A. Grain of wheat falls and dies.

B. Love you life and loose it.

C. Hate the life in this world and keep it.

B. How about you? Have you died to self?

Are you a Christian of convenience? As long as your schedule allows it?

Do you love this life or do you long for a home that you have never seen.

Preached by Pastor Mark Lennon on Palm Sunday 2003 at Sugar City Baptist Chapel, Sugar City, CO

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