Summary: Vacation Bible School Theme Sermon 2005. Speaks primarily to maturing Christians. A good Sun night lead up to VBS. This is primarily for an already saved group. Which Way Will I Go 1With God’s Word, 2With God’s Work 3With God’s Will

Which Way Do I Go? PS 25

As a side note if you are looking for a sermon idea for The VBS 2005 Rablin Rad Trip you might also check out my sermon "Going Places With Jesus " I preached it the Sunday mornning before our VBS and I preached this one below the Sunday evening before VBS.)

Which Way Do I Go? PS 25

A Psalm of David

A young boy was in Sunday School class and they were studying David. The teacher asked the students…

“Does anyone know where David was originally from?”

One little boy was waving his hand wildly in the air and shouting

“oh..oh…oh I know”

The teacher called on him and he answered with great confidence


The teacher was quite taken aback by the young boys answer and said lovingly

“no I am afraid that is not correct”

The little boy said “well it has to be right.”

The teacher was a bit curious at this point and said…

“OK, if David were from California where in California was he from?”

The little boy answered

“PALM SPRINGS CALIFORNIA of course…Don’t you ever listen in church… the preacher is always talking about the “PALMS” of David.

Well the 25th PSALM clearly is a Psalm of David and it is really about David’s cry to God for forgiveness of sin and help in the face of affliction.

I want us tonight however to think of that maturing Christian as we think about Psalm 25:4.

Notice I did not say ‘muttering Christian…

I said maturing Christian.

I am quite certain that maturing Christians please the Lord, while muttering Christians probably grieve the Lord.

David was maturing in his faith and he gives to s these words in Psalm 25 and verse 4

Psalm 25:4

4 Show me your ways, O LORD,

teach me your paths

Now the Vacation Bible School (RAMBLIN Road Trip) Theme asks the question…


As we take Psalm 25 and verse 4 to heart and as we are sincere about learning “the ways” the Lord reveals to us… and the “paths” he has for us. What happens in our lives?

I want you as a maturing follower of Christ tonight to ponder the question…



I think there are many answers but a good one I would like to suggest is DEEPER.

Deeper into God’s Word is a great way for us to go.

So in your maturing process as a Christian do you find you are going deeper in His word?

Psalm 119 and verse 9 says

9 How can a young man keep his way pure?

By living according to your word.

Interesting that the Psalmist is communicating that the Word of God is not merely being read but it is being lived out.

I think it is important for Christians to be reading the Word of God and to be living the Word of God.

Sad is the person who tries to live the Word of God without reading it and properly digesting its truth and taking it in.

Trying to live the Christian life without reading the Word of God is a lot like trying to assemble one of those 300 piece knock down furniture items without reading the instructions.

It just does not go together well without reading the instructions.

Which way shall we go with God’s Word?

Let us go deeper into it that it might deepen our relationship with God.

Let us go deeper in our hunger and desire for God’s Word.

When we ask the question…Which way do I go with God’s Word we should always me ready to answer…”deeper”…and never shall we answer that we have become shallower in the Word of God.

So to answer the question Which way do I go with God’s Word…

I would respond to you….GO DEEP with God’s Word.

We might not only ask which way do I go with God’s Word but also as a maturing follower of Christ …ask

II. Which Way Do I Go with GOD’S WORK?

Find Romans Chapter 12

Look at your life and answer the question …

Have I intensified in my work for the Lord or have I become desensitized in my work for the Lord?

It is truly a question about our WORK that we are doing for the Lord…for His Kingdom….for His church.

I know a lot of people who have been serving the Lord longer than I have even been a Christian.

That is exciting to me.

Exciting to think that they have been faithfully serving the Lord for many many years.

The even more exciting thing however is that they have NOT STOPPED SERVING HIM.


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