Summary: The greatest danger that a man faces in the spiritual world is what happens when he sleeps. The Bible divides sleep into two: Physical sleep and Spiritual sleep. Every normal person must engage in physical sleep to allow the body rest in order to be aliv

Beloved , before we go into our message for this week, I would like you to take this prayer point: “Anything that is making me powerless in the spiritual world, Lord Jesus, take it out of my life, in Jesus’ name.” Matthew 13:25 says, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.”

The greatest danger that a man faces in the spiritual world is what happens when he sleeps. The Bible divides sleep into two: Physical sleep and Spiritual sleep. Every normal person must engage in physical sleep to allow the body rest in order to be alive, and also to enable the body to be in constant continuous growth. Everybody sleeps physically, but not everyone sleeps spiritually. God Himself in His infinite wisdom has decided that a man should dream during his sleep. Dreams are therefore important in human life. However, some people’s spiritual sleep may be so deep that they forget everything they see in their dreams. There is danger in not remembering what you dream about. Number one danger is that you miss God’s messages to you. God may be speaking to you through dreams, but when you wake up you don’t remember them.

Number 2 danger: All the enemies’ activities that you should have seen in the dream and acted upon when you wake up are forgotten. Therefore, forgetting dreams always is a very serious spiritual disease. Moreso, many spiritual defeats happen in people’s dreams. It is the manifestation of these dreams that happens in real life.

A sister had a dream when she was about eight years old. In that dream somebody said, “I want to go to the toilet.” The girl said, “Go to the toilet now.” Then the person said, “Your head is the toilet, your head is the toilet.” And the person began to defecate on her head, and at about 35 years of age, she was still not married. She said that something her within always told her to reject suitors. So, what is manifesting now in her life was planted through dreams. If she had learnt a little bit about spiritual warfare, she would have cancelled it right from then and her life would not have been affected. Some people dreamt that when they got to their offices they found that they were locked and somebody gave them letters. Somebody was forcefully fed in the dream and in real life, the person began to pass bloody stool. So many Christians suffer as a result of ignorance of what to do about the devil’s strategy. And many are falling prey to the tricks and devices of the devil in their dreams. Many people too, through their dreams have been made to believe lies and errors. The enemy has used dreams and spiritual slumber to confuse many people in marriage and in business. They would say, “I saw so so person in the dream doing business with me.” They now unite with the person, but are still not making any progress. These have happened to so many people in financial and marital matters.

What the devil plants in the lives of people in their dreams can be likened to weeds. There is always a proper plant in place before weeds come. The problem with weeds is that they compete with the real plant. They disturb the real plant, and can kill it if they are carrying diseases. These diseases can be transferred to the real plant.


A dream is generally a revelation or vision of the activities going on in the spiritual world. A dream happens when a man is sleeping and his spirit is alive. It is a scene of the occurrences in the spiritual realm.


A dream may come as an activity- a situation whereby the dreamer is involved; he may see himself selling certain things. That is dream by activity.

A dream may come as an event: when the dreamer is an observer, looking at what is happening. The person is just a spectator. It may be an event that has occurred or is about to occur.

Any dream that you have and you always see yourself when you were a small child, or right where you were born, it is because something has been buried there for your sake. There is a magnet in that place, magnetising you to the place and that bondage must break.

A dream may come as a message for you to other people or as a direct message to you. A dream may come as an attack: You see yourself fighting with some people or some people are fighting you.

A certain sister had a dream where she saw somebody who came with a big stick to fight her. The sister said to the person, “I command you, in the name of Jesus, begin to use that your stick on your own head.” And the person began to use the stick on his head. She was able to do that because she understood the strategy and trick of the enemy.

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Barbra Chivaura

commented on Apr 7, 2018

Many many thanks for such enlightenment. I just came across this information right on time and I believe it is the holy spirit who led me to this sermon. I have been empowered. God bless you. I feel revived.

Peter Irabor

commented on Sep 28, 2018

God led me to that particular passage in the Bible and He revealed my burning desire to me. I am fulfilled and satisfied with the message. Thank you Jesus

Mihzclarac Mihz Clarac

commented on Jul 4, 2019

am nursin by name am I intend to visit your nation this year for tourist here is my email or you can sent your email for me to contact you,have a nice day,my dear why i ask you to contact me through my email becouse i dont use to be online always ok

Olusola Adeleke

commented on Apr 27, 2020

Honestly this is real & message is practical, I got this message at a time God revealed to me the important of message in evil sowing bad things into a man's life when their spirit sleeps. In search for the scripture of when the Mem slept, I came in contact with the message & it was timely. Thanks to the Rev D.K Olukoya

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