Summary: Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords will be coming back soon to earth. Commit to the 7 Ps of Christian daily living.

Jesus Christ is Our Creator God who became a human being on earth to teach people how to live and to share eternal truths. Let us continue to learn from our Lord as He taught the First 12 Disciples. Open your Bibles to Luke 19. Read along with me Luke 19:11-27…..

Jesus tells His disciples a parable (a story with a lesson).

Why did Jesus tell the parable??

God’s Word through the Old Testament had been silent to God’s people for 400 years. But the Old Testament promised a Savior Messiah King to come! The Hebrews lived with a belief in the Old Testament. And so because the Hebrews were under Roman rule and Jesus was proclaiming to come from God, v11: the people, including the disciples thought that Jesus was going to set up a physical Kingdom on earth right there and then!

And so, Jesus tells a parable to explain that He is King who will leave for a while but will come back!

Do you think the First 12 Disciples were quick learners?

Look down to v37-38……

Even after Jesus taught them that He is setting up a spiritual Kingdom, leave earth for a while, then come back to set up the complete Kingdom of God, the first disciples still tried to set up God’s Kingdom while Jesus was on earth!

Can we be better students than those first disciples of Christ?

Jesus taught that He is indeed King, had to go back to heaven, but will return soon to earth to judge all people!

Do we truly believe this? If we do, then we are good learners; but we will be even better learners if we do what Jesus instructed while He is away.

What were Jesus instructions while He is away?

Jesus is the King in the parable and He says in

v13: Put the “resources” given by God to work!

And what do we read what the 3 servants did and the results?

v16-17: A servant obeyed the King and multiplied 10 times what was given.

The result was a commendation and bigger gifts! - instead of money, the servant was given cities!

What about the 2nd servant?

v18-19: the second servant also obeyed the King and multiplied 5 times what was given. The result was also a commendation and bigger gifts!

What about the 3rd servant? Did he obey the King?

Did he put the “money” to work?

v20-24: this servant just hid the money because he was afraid!

But if he was really afraid, what should he have done??

If this servant was really afraid of the King, he should have obeyed!

And what was the least that this servant should have done with the money given??

The least this servant could have done was deposit the money somewhere to get an interest (the King basically said put the money to work!).

And because this servant disobeyed the King, what was the consequence?

The King judged him as a wicked servant and what was given was taken away!

So we note that people who choose to be in the Kingdom will not all be commended by the King. But the parable also notes those who do not choose to be in the Kingdom. Look again at v14……

Even though they are “subjects” to the king, they chose not to follow the King!

And what was the consequence for not following the King? Look again at v27….

There will be judgment for those who do not believe in the King!

And so, let us note:

Jesus is the King in the parable.

There are people today who will hate Jesus and refuse to believe He is God!

1. Even though people were created by God, if they choose not to believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Savior and King, they will eternally perish.

They will realize in the end that they were wrong but judgment will happen when they physically die. Hebrews 9:27 - Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment. And Philippians 2:10-11 - that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Have you chosen Jesus Christ as your only King and Savior? Now is the time to believe if you have never done so!

What about us who already believe in Jesus Christ as our King who will return for us?

2. Christians are to serve with “gifts from Christ” till He returns!

What specific gifts do we have from Jesus Christ??

And what are we supposed to do with these gifts from Jesus Christ?

We are to put to work these God–given gifts to make them multiply!

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