Summary: Going through YOUR storm

Tornado chasers have a very interesting job. They go out and look for a tornados. And when they find one they begin to fall in love with it right away. Then, analyze it. And the bigger the tornado the more they like it. I have saw this on the weather channel and herd them say things like: “OH WOW” What a beauty” “Look at that, the counterclockwise motion it’s taking on” “Absolutely a beautiful one”.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like tornados. To me they are not at all pretty.

These things are destructive and causes death. I have trouble going through a severe thunder storm. Thunder, Lighting , high gusty winds, hail. High Winds can do a lot of damage. And it seems that most severe storms and tornados come after dark.

I can say without a doubt, when God’s child goes through a storm, THAT child has got to be special. We as a child of God, will go through storms. We are all special to Him! And the bigger the storm the bigger the blessing.

Let’s turn to Matthew 14: beginning at verse 22, and we will find there an episode that we all can relate to. This true story is about a group of men who went through a severe storm with no where to hide and beside that it was 3:00 in the morning; and to top it all off as they was in the middle of the storm, they thought they saw a ghost. I have to say, they all might have thought “Who AM I And Why Am I Here”.

Now, let’s get onboard with these men. Their small fishing boat was being battered about in the stormy Sea of Galilee. Suddenly, out of the darkness emerged a shadowy figure. Incredibly, the ghost seemed to be — yes, it was — walking on the water toward them.

For a moment, the disciples were more frightened by this than by the turbulent sea and their tossing boat (Matthew 14:22-33). But then the figure called out to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

Still not convinced, Simon Peter shouted out, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus invited Peter to come to him. Peter climbed out of the boat and — miraculously — began to walk on the water toward Jesus.

But Peter, feeling the wind beating against his body and the waves swirling about him, became afraid and started to sink into the cold, dark water. “Lord, save me!” Peter cried out, and Jesus reached out and caught his hand. Next thing he knew, they were both in the boat, and the wind had died down.

The disciples were stunned by the event, and by this man, Jesus. The Gospel of Matthew says, “Those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, ‘Truly you are the Son of God’” (verse 33). Peter and the other disciples had come face to face with Jesus as the One who saves. For a fleeting moment, they recognized something special about him — something they couldn’t explain.

When you came face to face with the Holy Spirit when you got saved, you tried to explain it. Kinda like Nicodemus. Like the old gospel song: “I can tell you now the time”, I will take you to the place”, Where the Lord saved me, by His wonderful grace.” “But I cannot to you HOW,” “And I cannot tell you way” But I will tell you all about it, in the by & by”.

Now these disciples thought they saw a ghost. When you are in the MIDDLE of your storm many things appear. Questions like: What have

I done to deserve this? … WHY did God take my love one away when He did? Things are going VERY great in your world. Then all of a sudden, something happens so quick, and it changes everything. Your little boat (mind) begins to question God. Your faith is all of a sudden put to the test.

Then satan comes along, and with everything else flying through the mind, he throws his fiery darts at you. And then you BEGIN to sink. Notice now, Peter BEGIN to sink. And as he was sinking he cried out. And immediately Jesus caught him. Don’t wait until you sink. Then it’s too late. Are you facing a storm in your life and beginning to sink?

The storm your facing may be a forgiveness issue. Somebody said something that hurt you and your pride has been damaged. And you think: “ILL get even with them” Your up here and they are down here. (Do THE HAND MOTION)

Then the Church goes through a storm. And most of that storm, or at least some of that storm is brought on by members. (CHURCH HAVING A PIANO BROUGHT IN)……

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