Summary: A good question that each believer should ask is, Who am I imitating? Christ or the world?

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Who Are You Imitating?

Ephesians 4:32b - 5:7

I. Imitating God (4:32b-5:2)

A. We Have the Basics of Imitation (v. 4:32b-5:1)

1. We Have Been Forgiven (4:32b)

2. We Have a Been Adopted (v. 1)

B. We Have a Standard of Imitation (v. 2)

1. A Life Characterized by Love

a. Love for God

b. Love for Others

2. Love Characterized By Action

a. Love that Reaches Out

b. Love that Reaches In

C. We Have a Reason for Imitation (v. 2b)

II. Imitating the World (v. 3-5)

A. Imitating the World With the Body (v. 3)

1. Imitation Through Fornication

2. Imitation Through Uncleanness

3. Imitation Through Covetousness

B. Imitating the World With the Tongue (v. 4)

1. Imitation Through Filthy Language

2. Imitation Through Boasting of Sin

3. Imitation Through Godless Humor

C. Imitating the World Has Eternal Results (v. 5)

III. The Determination of Our Imitation (v. 6-7)

A. It Will be Determined By Who We Listen To (v. 6a)

B. It Will Be Determined By What We Listen To (v. 6b)

C. It Will Be Determined By Our Choice (v. 7)

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