Summary: Paul’s introduction to 1 Cor gives us insight about who we are.

I. INTRODUCTION: How many of you have seen Disney’s Lion King? Remember when Samba couldn’t decide whether or not he should go back to the Pride Lands? He had some pretty heavy baggage he was carrying around. His father had taught him a lot about his role in life and how he should act. But when things got difficult he had run. And now his past had caught up with him. When Rafiki finds him, Simba is struggling with his past,questioning his identity and trying to decide what to do next. {Many of you face similar problems as you prepare to go back to campus.} At a critical point in the story, Rafiki rattles his brain (literally, with a rap to the head) by telling him, "you don’t even know who you are".

(Tonight I want to rap you on the head and get you to think about who you are.}

A couple of things stick out in my mind about that meeting on the African plain. I’ll never forget the dumb look on Simba’s face after Rafiki raps him with the cane. But that was just to jump start his gray matter ... his main point was you can’t get some answers without first coming to grips with who you are.

I want us to think about who we are before we look for answers about how to act as Christians on campus and at work.

TEXTUAL IDEA: In his greeting, Paul reminds the his early disciples who they are before he begins correcting some of their actions.

SERMON IDEA: As Christians must consider three things about ourselves as we make daily, weekly and semester impacting decisions.


DIVISION 1: SANCTIFIED - We have been cleaned up, repaired and put back into operation.

Text: v.2 "...those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints." NKJV

Reasoning: Sanctification is the process of God separating us from our old nature and preparing us for eternal life with Him.

Illustration: Several years ago this email was circulating the country - I call it the Parable of the Pumpkin - (as told by a nurse in a doctor’s office) One day last Fall I got to the office late, hurried and generally flustered. I worked too late the night before preparing for our church harvest supper and had slept too late that morning. I missed my quiet time that morning and just couldn’t seem to get in the groove. Around 10:00 am, on my third cup of coffee, our morning rush had subsided and one of my fellow nurses came out the station I attended to take a breather. I could tell something was on her mind again. We had talked a lot lately, she was struggling with real heavy life issues and needed answers. She was not a Christian but knew I was from our previous chats. Of all mornings to just jump right the point, she picked that one. She asked me, what is it like being a Christian? As I sat back and looked up at her I couldn’t think of anything to say. Then I noticed one of Fall decorations we had on the counter. And I said "Being a Christian is a lot like being a pumpkin. God takes you out of the pumpkin patch and knocks off all the dirt you got being around the other pumpkins. Then He opens you up, gets all that gooky stuff out of you and replaces it with a light."

Application: The world we walk in is full of opportunities to get dirty. To stay clean we need daily cleansing as well as cleansing through salvation. To be cleansed daily, spend time with God in His Word, in prayer, in praising Him. To be cleansed through salvation - ABC = Acknowledge there is problem you can’t fix, Believe Jesus conquered that problem at the cross and at the grave, Confess your need for Him -

FAITH = Fore saking All I Trust Him

1 Peter 1:15-16

1 Peter 2:5

2 Peter 3:11

DIVISION 2: ENRICHED - The presence of the Holy Spirit enables us far beyond what we can say or do without Him.

Text: v 5 "that you were enriched in everything by Him ..." NKJV


Product Analysis

Research and Development

New and Improved

Desired outcomes ... efficiency, effectiveness, sales

Illustration: tbd

Application: tbd

DIVISION 3: SPIRITUALLY GIFTED - We have been prepared by to make a difference while we are here.

Text: v.7 " you come short in no gift" NKJV

Reasoning: Equipping and Empowering

You aren’t likely to live a sinless life

You aren’t likely to live a mistake free life

You aren’t likely to win every battle

You aren’t likely to make it Heaven without some battle scars

It is certainly possible to make it to Jesus having done something with all He has given you. Time and Talents

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